12 Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android in 2020

12 best alarm clock apps for Android in 2020

Here are the simplest alarm clock apps for Android, including how all stands out.If you look for alarm apps on the Google Play Store, you’ll find tons of options available. It’s hard to seek out ones that go above and beyond the stock Android alarm clock , so we’ve hunted down the highest alarm apps for Android and compiled them here for you.

We as humans only have many things in common. We all eat, sleep, use the restroom and, usually, we all awaken after getting to sleep. The alarm clock may be a ubiquitous fixture within the bedroom and smartphones serve that purpose for plenty of individuals . Sometimes the stock alarm clock app just doesn’t cut and you would like something better, although we do recommend giving the stock alarm clock app on your device an honest try first. There are some interesting apps during this space, though, so let’s check them out. Here are the simplest alarm clock apps for Android!

2.GO Clock
3.Sleep Cycle
4.I Can’t Wake Up
6.Loud Alarm Clock
7.Early Bird Alarm Clock
9.Sleep as Android

11.Snooze no more
12.Alarm Clock Xtreme & Timer



Alarmy calls itself the world’s most annoying alarm clock . This one features a unique premise. You set alarms and that they explode a bit like they normally do. However, Alarmy also causes you to add a picture of something in your house. You then need to get out of bed, attend an equivalent spot, and take an image of an equivalent thing to urge the alarm to prevent . Usually, once you’re out of bed, you’re up for the day so that’s the philosophy with this one. you’ll also make it ask you random math questions, shake the device to dismiss the alarm, and more. The phone can even prevent you from turning your phone off while the alarm is ringing. It’s an honest alarm for heavy sleepers especially. This one is additionally liberal to use if you subscribe Google Play Pass.

2.GO Clock

go clock

If you’ve used Android for any period of your time , you’ve almost certainly seen an app from the GO team at some point. Most of its apps are great, which is additionally the case with GO Clock.

This app is both beautiful and functional, full of features that the majority other alarm clock apps don’t have: a built-in calendar, health-based reminders, and a bedside clock display.

3.Sleep Cycle

leep cycle

Sleep Cycle is one among the few alarms on the Play Store which will track your sleep quality. All you’ve got to try to to is roll in the hay it next to you on the bed and it tracks sleep behavior using your phone’s microphone to detect movement.

Once it gets to understand you, Sleep Cycle knows when you’re within the lightest phase of sleep. It uses this data to wake you up therein phase, which minimizes grogginess and causes you to feel well-rested and relaxed. you’ll set a custom wake window that Sleep Cycle will attempt to stay within.

Other features include sleep notes, in-depth graphs, and statistics to assist you analyze what affects your sleep. as an example , if you’re a fanatical coffee drinker, you’ll note of once you have a late-night drink, then compare the notes to your statistics to ascertain if caffeine is disrupting your sleep.

4.I Can’t Wake Up

i can’t wake up

I Can’t awaken does what the title suggests. it’s for those that have trouble awakening within the morning. The app includes eight wake-up challenges to show the alarm off. the thought being to form you coherent enough to urge up before you hit the snooze button. It also has various alarm styles, some customization features, and a few convenience features. this is often definitely not your regular stock alarm clock . However, it does feel a touch cleaner than a number of the opposite options on the list. The free version and pro version are almost identical. The $2.99 pro version does remove ads.



If you don’t need a load of features and don’t want to get a premium plan, try Timely, which is straightforward and free. The app has an account sync feature to match up your alarms with all of your devices. After you set that up, however, the complete app is prepared to use.

You can use the app to see the time, set alarms, and begin a stopwatch. Its best feature, however, is its presentation—you’ll be hard-pressed to seek out an alarm that appears as sleek and relaxing as Timely.

6.Loud Alarm Clock

loud alarm clock

Loud alarm clock is, well, one loud alarm clock . It uses an audio booster to form your alarm tones as loud as they will be. It works mostly sort of a normal alarm clock app. You set alarms, set the snooze, and you’ll set the alarm tone or leave it random if you would like to. There also are some themes for a few extra fun if you care that stuff. take care because super loud sounds may damage your phone over time. If you are worried about such things, you would possibly want to skip this one.

7.Early Bird Alarm Clock

bird alarm clock

If you discover it hard to select one sound to awaken to, why not choose them all? Early Bird alarm clock allows you to pick quite one sound as an alarm. Then, when it pops , it randomly picks one among the sounds to play.

If you discover that you simply tend to sleep through an alarm as your body adjusts thereto , use this app to combine it up and keep you on your toes.

Early Bird comes with additional handy features, like the local weather and an sandglass . Early Bird also keeps track of each alarm that pops , how long it sounded for before you turned it off, and the way repeatedly you hit the snooze button.



Sleepzy (formerly morning Alarm Clock) is one among the relatively newer clock apps. It also tries to trace your sleep also as wake you up. Of course, meaning sleeping together with your phone in your bed. apart from that, it works well. a number of the weird features include a noise generator, weather update features, a nightstand mode, and more. The sleep tracking may be a bit rudimentary, but it’s going to work for a few people.

9.Sleep as Android

sleep as android

Sleep As Android is all about getting an honest night’s sleep. If you burn the midnight oil a touch an excessive amount of , the app can provide you with a warning that it’s bedtime so you don’t miss it.

Once you’re asleep, Sleep As Android gets to figure . It uses the microphone to see how deep your sleep is and compares this to your sleep cycles. Once it gets a thought of how you sleep, it can wake you up within the lighter phases to prevent you from feeling groggy.

To achieve this, Sleep As Android uses a “smart period” for alarms. The app will choose the optimal time during that period to wake you up, rather than going off at a selected time. as an example , an alarm set at 8am with a sensible period of half-hour will explode between 8:00 and 8:30, counting on when it’s best.

When you install the app, you get fortnight of the premium service for free of charge . Once the trial ends, you’ll get all the features back with a one-time purchase.



While AlarmMon is large in South Korea , it hasn’t gained much traction elsewhere. this is often a shame, because AlarmMon is one among the foremost fun-loving alarm apps on Android.

AlarmMon features a range of characters you’ll choose between for your alarm. If you’re a light-weight sleeper, you’ll use a quiet character with a fun mini-game to play to wake you up.

If you sleep through everything, you’ll select a noisier character who will play a loud animation until you shut it up. This ranges from loud animal noises to a rendition of the Psycho theme, making AlarmMon a customizable evil alarm clock . Don’t worry; it’s only as evil as you permit it to be!

11. Snooze no more

snooze no more

A perfect world, you’d awaken when your alarm rings, turn it off immediately, and obtain out of bed sort of a responsible adult. only too often, though, you scrabble the snooze button and fall asleep again. That’s not necessarily a problem—until you hit the button again, and again, and again, and every one of a sudden it is time to go away . Or worse, you mistakenly turn the alarm off entirely and sleep through the beginning of the workday.

Instead of supplying you with such easy alarm-silencing options, the subsequent apps force you to leap through hoops so as to quiet the blaring. By the time you’ve solved a puzzle, played a game, or maybe snapped a selfie, you will have shaken off the fog of sleep and resisted the siren call of your cozy bed.

12. Alarm Clock Xtreme & Timer

alarm clock xtreme & timer

Have you heard of these apps that will not allow you to drunk-text someone until you are doing some math problems to prove you’re sober? That’s one option of alarm clock Xtreme, which aims to prevent excessive use of the snooze option. It’ll even decrease the time between snoozes, so it isn’t always that magic default 9 minutes. It can wake you gently with gradually growing volume. Hitting snooze can involve a shake, the side buttons, pushing the screen, or the previously mentioned math. It all comes with a sleep tracker, stopwatch, and timer option also . If you do not mind advertising in your clock, you’ll get a free version.

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