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RCA Digital Alarm Clock

OK, this is my favorite alarm clock for seniors who need a simple alarm clock that is also easy to see. I think it is the perfect blend of features for most elderly people without a crazy price. Below are some of the most useful features for seniors especially.

Digital Alarm Clock Black - Timelink

Easy to Use Controls

The first thing I love is the simplicity of the controls.  The controls and settings buttons are right on the front. Simple arrow buttons are used to set the actual alarm time. The screen is easy to read and even backlit by pressing the snooze button.

Time Sets Itself

The second great thing about this clock is that it sets itself. It automatically syncs the time with the atomic clock via a radio signal. This way the time is always right. Though, this features is only usable in the four time zones of the continental US.

Date, Day of Week, & Temp

Another awesome feature for seniors is that the date, the day of the week, and even the temperature of the room are displayed right on the front. When the alarm is on, the alarm time is displayed on the front. This is a great way to make sure the alarm time is correct.

So overall, this seems like the best simple alarm clock for seniors. However, there are some potential problems with this model.

Potential Drawbacks

This clock runs on 2 AA batteries (not included!) with no option for AC power. So, batteries will have to be changed periodically. Seems that they last for about 2 months though so it is not too frequent.

The alarm starts soft and the beeps get louder and closer together the longer it sounds.  Also, it shuts off after 1 minute. For elderly with hearing difficulties, the Sonic Alert alarm clock may be a better choice for this group.


  • Controls are easy to see and use
  • Time set itself via atomic clock
  • Date, day of week, and even temperature are displayed
  • Alarm time is displayed when alarm is on


  • Uses AA batteries – no AC power option
  • Self -setting feature only good in the continental US

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