2019 latest students digital alarm clock

Student alarm clock

Easy Read Display

Bold Numbers is legible available to be read through 4.7 inch LCD display; Multi-functions showing time, alarm, date, day, temperature.

One Key Shut Alarm

Press any one of round buttons at back, alarm will stop at once and will ring on time tomorrow. Therefore perfect for kids and seniors. It powered by battery and can place it anywhere.

Ascending Alarm with Snooze

4 steps crescendo alarm, Ascending “beeping” alarm for gentle wake; Snooze repeats every 8 minutes (Touch top “Snooze” button).

Bright Soft Back Light

If bright back light needed, press top light button to use and lasts 5s when is activated.

Built in Light Sensor

Turn on sensor, sensor light automatically comes on when it’s dark around. Sensor light is soft, making you sleep easily or see time from a distance hands free. It can also be closed.

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