2019’s most distinctive alarm clock

Retro alarm clock

TOP: vintage retro alarm clock

This vintage retro alarm clock is 4 inches in diameter, metal frame antique design will add a funky retro decorative feel to your bedroom, bedside, bookcase, TV table, fireplace mantle, etc.

Quartz analog clock offers a very silent non-ticking movement and accurate time.

Alarm clock for the elderly

This bedside alarm clock has a beeping noise that starts out at one pace and progressively gets faster and louder in 4 stages. A big alarm switch ensures you turn the alarm on/off easily.

There’s a button in the back to press and hold to turn the light on, so it’s not using up battery juice keeping it lit all the time – only when needed.

It’s an easy basic battery-operated alarm clock, run by 1 AA battery (not included), easy for elderly kids.

To Sum Up

This is great for elderly people and people who like retro alarm clocks

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