5 Most Interesting Creative Alarm Clocks

5 Most Interesting Creative Alarm Clocks

“I’m late again today!”, “I’m late again today!”, “I’m late again today!” It may not be a dream or an alarm clock to wake you up every morning. but! You must say that the alarm clock won’t wake you up. In the morning, people who like bedtime usually press the alarm button again and again after the alarm goes off, and then continue to fall asleep. In order to save those who have difficulty getting up, Xiaobian today recommends the 6 most interesting creative alarm clocks on the Internet. Lai The bed rate is close to 0, let’s see how godly it is.

pistol-shaped shooting alarm clock

007 Pistol-Shaped Shooting Alarm Clock

This projection alarm clock called Secret Agent from the United Kingdom borrows the ideas of 007. The gun type is James Bond’s favorite PPK. After installing the battery, press the safety switch on the right side of the dot to switch between hour and minute hands, and then press the dot to modify the time. After setting the time, press the safety switch to confirm. This pistol alarm is silent and fits under a pillow, which is also cool. When it vibrates, that is when you get up, try to imagine yourself as an agent, turn over and pull a gun, pull the trigger to project the current time on the wall, “biu”, complete an accurate shot and get up perfectly.

Flying Alarm Clock

Flying Alarm Clock

Have you ever seen a flying alarm clock? Whenever the alarm sounds, the helicopter’s propeller will rotate quickly. Climb up and find the aircraft alarm clock. If you don’t put the aircraft back in the take-off seat, the alarm clock will not stop! The most annoying thing is that it also has a snooze function. I don’t know how many times you have to climb to get up? In order to enhance the effect, you can also hang a hundred dollars under the alarm clock, no one is willing to let the money fly away from under your eyelids.

Carpet alarm clock

Creative Bedroom Bedside Carpet Alarm Clock

Awesome for this alarm clock! It is not on the wall or on the table. It is a carpet alarm placed on the floor. When the alarm sounds, you must step on it with your feet for 3-5 seconds before it stops. Once you leave the bed and your feet fall to the ground, the sleep dissipates naturally Congratulations, you can go out on time. Usually you only need to touch your toes to check the time, which is really interesting and practical product.

Lazy bird electronic alarm clock

Personalized Lazy Bird Electronic Alarm Clock

This is a time bird who knows you and understands life. It looks like a chicken. In fact, the appearance of the bird is too cute. I ca n’t wait to hold it in my palm, hold it in my pocket, and sleep. This small alarm clock integrates soothing light, temperature, timer and other practical functions in life. Every time you set a time, the small bird alarm clock will accompany the vibration, and you need to tap its head to turn it off, facing such a cute face Little bird, can’t you stand up to bed?

Dumbbell alarm clock artifact

Dumbbell Alarm Clock Artifact

Getting up and exercising are difficult things for many people. I found this product-dumbbell alarm clock! I have to take it. The designer is so thoughtful. When the dumbbell alarm clock sounds, you have to do 30 arm curls before the alarm will stop. With it in the future, morning exercises and getting up on time were easily resolved.

Have you taken any kind of bedtime alarm clock? Pick these six alarm clocks! Absolutely wakes you up in minutes, are you still worried about being late?


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