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Waking up has never been easier thanks to these smart devices — there’s one for every type of sleeper.

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Why You Need a Smart Alarm Clock

Waking up every day is a challenge for many. But using a smart alarm clock can help us rise and shine a little easier. “Smart alarm clocks can be the backbone of a good morning routine,” says Jennifer Cohen, a high-performance coach and author of Strong Is the New Skinny: How to Eat, Live, and Move to Maximize Your Power.

Cohen doesn’t believe in lingering in bed, so she suggests choosing an alarm clock that will wake you up the fastest. That’s especially important if you’re a heavy sleeper. “While bells and whistles like telling you the weather or smart home compatibility are nice, if a smart alarm clock isn’t getting you out of bed quickly, you might as well be using an old-fashioned analog one,” she says. “Think about what you need, whether it’s a loud sound or a light that’s similar to sunrise and choose the right device based on features.”

The best smart alarm clock for you depends on your lifestyle and budget. Here are 12 to consider. Smart alarm clocks are only one of the coolest tech products on the market.


Smart Alarm Clock for Google Fans

With a large touch screen, the Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock with Google Assistant is designed to make life easier in so many ways. Because it has Google Assistant, it serves as a hub to control thousands of other smart devices. Then there are simple but useful features, such checking traffic and weather using voice commands, which can help you avoid the distraction of smartphone apps.

You can also set alarms with reminders of important tasks, like picking up the kids or taking medication. There’s even a USB port so you can easily charge your phone or other devices while you sleep.


Best Smart Alarm Clocks for Couples

The Sony Compact AM/FM Dual Alarm Clock Radio clock has all the basic features, making it ideal for anyone who just wants slightly more than a traditional clock radio offers. With a large easy-to-read display, it has a dual alarm option, which is perfect for couples. It’s also a noise machine, preloaded with nature sounds as well as a sleep timer to help lull you into a restful slumber. You’ll sleep even easier knowing there’s a backup battery, along with adjustable brightness and an additional USB port. These are the smart appliances that are worth it.


For Those Who Sleep Like the Dead

This DAPRIL Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers is actually a mat and was designed for heavy sleepers. Incredibly loud, the volume can reach between 90 and 120 decibels to rouse even the most tired people out of bed. And rouse it will, as the sound is only disabled when both feet are on the mat. One fun feature: You can upload custom alarm sounds by connecting the device to your computer via USB cord. Wake up to your favorite tune, or perhaps to something less enjoyable that you’ll want to shut off immediately.


The Does-it-All Alarm Clock

The Amazon Echo Spot is so much more than a smart clock. Smart home compatible, it makes voice calls and video calls, plays music through a Bluetooth speaker, and is compatible with streaming services. There’s also a sleep timer in case you want to go to bed listening to music or perhaps an audiobook. Because the Echo Spot integrates with Alexa, it can be used to turn on lights, control thermostats (Turn up the heat without leaving the bed? Count us in!), garage doors or any other enabled device. Once you have this smart alarm clock, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Plus, here are 15 unexpected ways you can use Alexa.

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