8 Best Alarm Clock USB Music for You to Choose

Perhaps you now need some more than a single alarm clock to enrich your life, USB music alarm clock, play music anytime, anywhere, make life colorful.

You can switch the music you like at will, let it embellish your life, as long as you like it, you can take it away.

1.Best alarm clock with USB port

Over 80 percent of reviewers give this alarm clock five stars, including nearly 250 who praise its dual USB ports. “I wanted something that was more of a one-stop function for my bedside,” begins one such reviewer, who purchased two “unfortunate” alarm clocks before finding “the USCCE answer to my prayers! having the ability to connect and charge my phone or Kindle as required leaves more room on my nightstand.” Another pleased customer didn’t expect to use the USB charging ports, but he found them helpful when anticipating some important middle-of-the-night calls. “Instead of getting to maneuver my charger from where I like better to keep it and set it up next to my bed,” he says, “I just plugged the phone in to the clock. That allowed me to sleep without worrying that the phone battery might die during the night.” But the USB ports aren’t the sole nice thing about this alarm clock . One reviewer, who calls it a “feature-packed package,” especially likes that this clock offers two separate alarms to line which it’s alittle footprint. Even so, “the numbers are large and really readable. The multifunctional dial on top are often wont to adjust brightness all the way right down to nothing,” they add.

best alarm clock with USB port

2.Music Alarm Clock

New-concept of Music alarm clock functions as a multi-function music system which provides top quality of sound. Functions as music player, digital clock, speaker, music alarm clock and FM receiving set . Alarms are often set to your favourite music which stored in its bult-in 1GB memory.

music alarm clock


New concept multi-function music system, used as a MP3 player with Built-in non-volatile storage or external SD/MMC card
Alarm Clock function. Choose any music or songs stored within the SD/MMC card or non-volatile storage and set it because the ring, then you’ll awaken within the music you wish
Support music format: MP3, WMA, etc
USB port to upload music direct from your PC
LCD display – you’ll program your alarm, scoll and play your music
Built-in 1GB memory
Built-in stereo FM Radio
Built-in MP3 player
Digital clock display
Time power on/off
Wake up/snooze function, it’ll ring every 5 minutes until you rise up
Speaker Plays your music through its built-in speaker
Dimension: 248 (W) x 84 (H) x 42 (D)mm
Weight: 343g


Amplifier power output: RMS 3Wx2 (THD=10%, fo=1khz)
Signal to noise ratio (Amplifier): >=90dBA
Amplifier distortion: THD + N
Input Impendence: 10K Ohm
Speaker Driver: 1.75 inch (50mm), Magnetically Shielded, 4Ohm.
Power Input: DC 5V, 4 x AA batteries

3.Vers 1.5R Compact AM/FM Alarm

compact amfm alarm

Like the JBL alarm clock , the Vers 1.5R Compact AM/FM Alarm plays music from the iPod Touch or iPhone. the main difference: this device is really made out of wood bought from managed plantations, is 100 per cent RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant, and therefore the plastic components are PVC and BFR free. Alarm settings allow you to settle on between the radio and MP3 player, and therefore the volume increases gradually. Sound quality over the 15-watt speaker is simply about OK.

4.Sony – AM/FM Dual-Alarm Clock Radio – Black/Silver

alarm clock radio

Listen to soothing nature sounds once you awaken to the present Sony ICFC1PJ radio receiver that features dual alarms for multiple wake times. The swivel projector allows you to display the time on a wall or ceiling for straightforward viewing during the night.

That USB may be a nice feature…I did turn it on briefly once I first got the alarm clock – i do not remember being either impressed or annoyed by it – i feel it’s probably what you’d expect during a little bedside radio receiver – nothing to right home about, and you’re probably not getting to want to blast it while you’re preparing within the morning, but it’s probably fine to awaken to.

5.iHome – FM Dual-Alarm Clock Radio – Gray

alarm clock radio

Wake up to your favorite music with this iHome Bluetooth speaker. Its dual-alarm clock allows you to found out to 2 alerts and assign sounds from your smartphone’s playlist, the speaker’s built-in tones or the clock’s FM radio. This iHome Bluetooth speaker features a 1-amp USB port for charging a transportable device.

Easy to form use…Item easy to use…USB charger is great….What i prefer about this: unobtrusive, attractive grey color with a cloth front looks good in my bedroom, and is nicer than a black plastic box; it’s got alittle enough footprint that I can produce other things on the stand I put it on; I can wake to a Bluetooth song in my library because it are often paired to it; the sound of the alarm has options, and that they aren’t an obnoxious buzzer (I just like the “chime” sounding option.

6.ION Audio – Charge Time Alarm Clock

charge time alarm clock

Wake up on time with this ION Charge Time Bluetooth alarm clock . The Qi wireless charging pad works with Android and iOS devices, while the 2 USB ports allow you to power additional devices. This ION Charge Time Bluetooth alarm clock features dual 10W 2-inch speakers for stereo sound, and therefore the aux input connects non-Bluetooth electronics.

It is cute and it works…Nice looking and functional…The wood laminate features a couple bubbles in it and should peal eventually, but thus far I’m proud of the clock overall…I like the wood aesthetic and therefore the temperature display was a bonus.

7.Best alarm clock radio

best alarm clock radio

People like this old-school radio receiver for its compact size and blue numbers. “Even at its brightest, it’s a stunning blue light. Not obnoxious in the least ,” says one reviewer. Several note that the “instructions are intuitive.” And for its size and price, people are impressed with the features. “Another neat addition may be a USB port within the back of the unit for charging your smartphone while you sleep,” one points out. And this is often not a violent wake-up call: “Alarm volume comes up in steps for five seconds so it doesn’t startle,” together who gives this clock five stars puts it. It also features a thermometer, which one buyer calls “a super feature.” Several reviewers warn that this is often alittle speaker, not a hi-fi system, but most users are pleased with the antenna. One says, “Where I live it’s sometimes hard to urge an honest signal, but with this the radio reception is outstanding.”

8.OUTAD Smart Music Alarm Clock

smart music alarm clock

Delayed sleeping without worrying of black mouth-Press the delay key of the night lamp, and therefore the night lamp are often delayed by half-hour and automatically extinguished.
Sleep for five minutes – When the alarm rings, tap the desktop, press any key or shake the alarm clock . The alarm stops and rings again after 5 minutes. It are often repeated 3 times to permit you to sleep a touch longer.
Music alarms are not any longer awakened – 7 sets of ringtones are often set, with different music each day to wake you up and begin a day in good mood.

Miniature cute, suitable for relatives and friends
Place of application: front room , lobby, study, bedroom, etc.

Color: white,black

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