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alarm clocks for kids

You may need an alarm clock to help your child fall asleep better. A fun and beautiful alarm clock can attract children’s attention, give them a sense of trust, and help them fall asleep better.

Children like beautiful and interesting things. The following alarm clocks have beautiful and fun appearances, and children will love them.

Toddler sleep training alarm clock

Not your typical children’s alarm clock! -Imagine how wonderful you would be if your child did not wake up in the morning? My Good Morning Buddy is a friendly color-changing toddler clock designed to help your child get a better sleep! This cute digital alarm clock for children can teach children to wake up from bed! With its 4-color lighting system, the whole family will definitely get a better night rest!
Multifunctional function-This sleep training clock helps train your child to get better night sleep. Super simple settings, color changing lights, night lights, clear LCD time display, nap time countdown and speaker, 2 sound levels!

How it works-This pink children’s clock has a color-changing LED light, from red (don’t fall off the bed) to yellow (soon-now is the time!) green, (YAY! We are ready to start a new day at any time!) According to your personal settings

toddler sleep training alarm clock

Betus Robot Clock for kids

Our clock operates silently without annoying tick tock sound, ideal for those who need complete silence to fall asleep. The clock comes with two knobs on the back to set time and alarm time, much easier to set than a digital clock.

This lovely robot alarm clock is a great decoration for kids’ rooms and homes. One Ruby Red Robot Alarm Clock. 6.5 inch (H) x 4.5 inch (W) x 2 inch (D). Powered by two AAA carbon zinc batteries (NOT Included).

betus robot clock for kids

Easy to use and fun children’s alarm clock

Fun and cute designs-Addo has many fun and cute designs that your kids will love.
Alarm sound/music machine sound in noise , bell or buzzer-Addo features a sort of sleep sound options to appease your child to nod off . It also can be used for normal activities for youngsters , like nap, rest time or play time.

Sleep and wake time settings-Addo uses colors and facial expressions to show children once they got to sleep and awaken . Within half an hour before getting to bed, Addo’s light will turn yellow to remind your child that he’s able to nod off . Within half an hour before awakening , Addo will emit a blue light, indicating that your child is playing quietly in his/her bedroom, providing you with more sleep.

Fun and colorful LED lights-Addo has fun and colorful LED lights around his ears and face. LEDs can’t only play, but also help children who cannot read the time to differentiate whether or not they are sleeping, playing time or awake time, because LEDs of various colors emit different lights.

A good night’s sleep: Addo’s noise and lullaby can help calm your baby to sleep. Before your child goes to bed or nap time, you’ll activate the noise or lullaby to organize your child for a quiet sleep or nap.

 children's alarm clock

Lego Star Wars Figure Alarm Clock

Rise and shine, rebel. This Stormtrooper involves you, bringing news of a peace proposal with the empire. See those bright numbers displayed brilliantly on its LCD screen? meaning it is time to travel . Adjustable arms point toward the door, beckoning for you to form haste.

But before you leave to save lots of the galaxy, you would possibly want to show your Lego timepiece off first. Plus, if you are a Darth Vader fan, you’ll get this timepiece with him, too!

lego star wars figure alarm clock

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