Alarm Clocks Made in USA

alarm clocks made in usa

You may need an alarm clock to wake you up, if you are a sleeper. Alarm clocks are very helpful for waking us up. Good-looking alarm clocks can also be used as room decorations. Multifunctional alarm clocks can also meet our different needs. When we are bored, we can play music, and can be used as toys for children, etc.

1.No-tick alarm clock

“In short, if you would like an analog timepiece that doesn’t keep you awake with an audible ‘tick,’ this could get on top of your list,” writes a reviewer, one among dozens who means that this timepiece is silent. One reviewer says it’s not noisy, with “no irritating ‘tick tock’ sound – but its alarm is quite ample if placed on a motel bedside table on the brink of you.” quite 40 percent of reviewers say it’s great for travel, too, since it’s “small, lightweight, light to ascertain time within the dark and no click movement.” Plus, it’s reliable. One reviewer, “Used it on my golf trip and never missed a tee time.” But it works even as well at home: “These are small and meant for travel but in my family we also use them in our bedrooms next to our beds as everyday clocks, and that we like them enough to possess ordered several.”

no tick alarm clock

2.Alarm clock for seniors

This has thousands of declared fans, and many positive reviews mention getting this clock for elderly relatives, or loved ones with Alzheimer’s or dementia. “My elderly relative suffers from dementia and would have a scare whenever she lost track of what day it had been or if it had been morning vs. afternoon,” one user writes. “For some reason, she really trusts today clock!” It might be because it displays tons of timely information clearly. together user sums up, “It shows the DAY, the amount of the day (i.e pre-dawn, morning, afternoon, evening), the particular time (Military or Standard), the month, the date, and therefore the year. It does so during a vibrant, easy to ascertain display which will easily be seen from across an area .” It’s also got high-visibility for people with any level of eyesight: “The high-quality non-reflective LED SCREEN are often seen day or night from almost any angle, far better than most other clocks.” Plus, you’ll found out to four medicine or other reminder alarms. One caveat: several reviewers note that the clock doesn’t automatically adjust for daylight savings time.

alarm clock for seniors

3.Durable travel alarm clock

Compared to the ultra-small version above, this timepiece is about one ounce and one inch bigger. And while many reviewers say it works for travel too, they also still use it as their primary timepiece reception . “Bought a costlier clock for my bedroom which didn’t work as advertised so I returned it immediately. However, within the same order I had purchased this clock for travel,” writes one customer who says that this clock “amazingly clothed to be the right solution for my bedroom clock.” They add, “All that cash spent trying to find the proper bedroom clock and here it had been right along .” Another pleased customer, who says this clock is “GREAT” for camping, traveling, and residential use, names it together of their “best purchases,” especially for the price: “I love the ‘sweep’ second user and therefore the face is big and straightforward to read (especially using the sunshine at night).” actually , over 100 of the nearly 1,000 five-star reviewers mention readability as a serious point of this easy , durable clock. One such reviewer says this clock may be a “winner” because they will read it without glasses, and it doesn’t damage easily. “I knocked it off the nightstand once I dragged a towel over it while drying off and it flew across the space no scratches or damage.”

durable travel alarm clock

4.LED digital alarm clock

There are nearly 4,000 verified five-star fans of this easy , effective electric timepiece with battery back-up on Amazon. “What i prefer about the clock are the massive numbers, so very easy to read” writes a typical reviewer, echoing many similar declarations. Users also say the dimmer is particularly effective. together puts it, “If, like me, you wish the alarm right by your bedside, the dimmer allows you to line the brightness to your comfort level — all the way from exceedingly bright to exceedingly dim.” “[Y]ou can even make the display go completely dark,” adds another. And, while basic, customers like that that clock includes “a bright night light at the highest for reading in bed.” This beep’s job is to awaken, not comfort, and reviewers note that it’s not a pleasing , soft tune: “Alarm is loud even on low and an awful sound,” says one. Another says, “I expected this clock to be okay, supported the reviews, but it’s such a lot better. I LOVE IT.” They describe the sound as “effective but not jarring,” and add that they “like the great solid and satisfying click of the button once you set the time.”

led digital alarm clock

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