Amazfit's well-priced GTS smartwatch boasts a battery that'll last you two weeks

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Wearable brand Huami has announced its latest Amazfit smartwatches here at IFA 2019.The 130 Euro Amazfit GTS is most notable – not least for that price point (we’re awaiting UK and US pricing). The GPS watch has a familiar look – it’s available in six different colours though – but Huami was at pains to point out that it significantly thinner than the Apple Watch Series 4 while also having a more pixel-dense display at 340ppi. It’s water resistant, although not waterproof.The battery life should be impressive – Huami says it’ll last up to two weeks for daily use or 25 hours if the GPS was turned on. And if you put it in basic watch mode, it’ll last you well over a month, says Huami.Naturally, you get notifications from your phone, enabled via Amazfit’s app for iOS and Android.Although the GTS has sleep tracking and a bunch of sports modes, there’s also a new dedicated sports watch. It’s the Amazfit Stratos 3, a performance sports watch the company hopes will rival Garmin’s efforts. The watch has a bespoke 1.34-inch 320×320 circular display to maximise the screen real estate.It has a week of battery life for normal use. It’ll last 35 hours with the GPS constantly pinging, but you can turn down the accuracy and it’ll last longer. There’s a more premium version, too, the Stratos 3+.Huami is strongly affiliated with its investor Xiaomi, and makes the Mi Band lineup for the larger company.

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