Amazon Echo deals: latest Echo Dot is 40% off for Christmas at Very

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The all-new 3rd Gen Amazon Echo Dot is among the absolute best smart assistants going today and, as such, has effectively sold out for Christmas at Amazon. The retailer is still taking orders for the latest Dot, and at a discounted price point too, but the retailer currently lists the product as, “In stock on January 26, 2019”.

Which, naturally, is absolutely no good for people looking to pick up the top-rated smart speaker for Christmas.

Luckily, though, T3’s deal-hunting experts have sniffed out a deal at Very that not only matches the Amazon discount, but also has the 3rd Gen Echo Dot in stock and also promises to deliver it in time for Christmas, too.

Check out the details of the deal in full below:

All-new Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) with Alexa | now £29.99 (was £49.99)
Can you get the fantastic new Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) for this price at Amazon? Yes, you can. However, what you can’t do is get it before January 26th, 2019, with the online retailer seemingly running out of stock just before Christmas. As such, if you’ve been looking to pick up the new Dot as an Xmas present then this Very deal is definitely something you should check out. The retailer has matched Amazon’s own 40% discount on the Dot, taking its price down from £49.99 to just £29.99. You’ve got your pick of colours, too and, naturally, Very promises to deliver in time for Christmas – just lodge your order by 10pm on the December 23.

In our prestigious best smart home speakers guide, in of which the Amazon Echo Dot is securely lodged, we summed the third generation of the device up like this:

“All the smarts of Alexa and all the compactness of a Google Home Mini make the Echo Dot a very appealing option – especially considering its 2018 refresh, which gives it a more curved appearance and added some attractive-looking fabric finishes to the Echo Dot mix.

“If you’re just getting started with smart speakers then the Echo Dot is an excellent entry point, and unlike the Google Home Mini you can hook up a different speaker with the 3.5mm audio jack or via Bluetooth.”

A quality and, at the price Very is offering it at right now, an incredibly affordable smart home speaker.

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