Amazon Key is a new service that lets delivery drivers into your home while you’re out

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Amazon has just announced Amazon Key, a new service exclusively for Prime members which allows you to have packages delivered inside your homes without having to be there.

Kiss goodbye to those annoying missed delivery cards!

The system works using the new Amazon Key app, which lets you track your delivery with real-time notifications, watch the delivery happening live (with Amazon’s new Wi-Fi camera) and review a video of the delivery after it is complete.

This is more secure than replacing your key with a digital passcode – every time a delivery driver requests access to open a door Amazon will verify they’re at the correct address at the correct time. 

Once the driver is authenticated, Amazon’s new Cloud Cam starts recording and the door is unlocked, no access codes or digital keys needed. 

It all sounds very secure, but it still seems like a big leap of trust.

Of course, deliveries are just the first step. 

The keyless technology offers access to friends and family, as well as around 1200 professional service providers, such as cleaners from Merry Maids and dog walkers from This will roll out in the coming months.

You’ll be able to set the frequency and length of time a person has access, and add or remove contacts as you see fit.

Initially Amazon Key will be available in 37 cities and surrounding areas across the US (with more locations planned in the future).

Prime members can pre-order the Amazon Key In-Home Kit which includes Amazon Cloud Cam and one of several compatible smart locks by leading lock manufacturers Yale and Kwikset.

Customers can install the In-Home Kit themselves or take advantage of free professional installation. Amazon Key In-Home Kit starts at $249.99 (around £190).

Head over to Amazon to check eligibility, pre-order the Amazon Key In-Home Kit and schedule free professional installation.

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