Amazon Prime Day: Get a FREE £10 discount by clicking ONE button


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Amazon Prime Day really has come early with this amazing free gift. Prime Members can get their hands on £10 of free credit to spend as they see fit by simply installing the Amazon Assistant web browser extension – something that takes one click.

Yes, that’s right. For any Amazon Prime member who hasn’t already installed the Amazon Assistant web browser extension – a tool that searches for products and compares prices with other online retailers – simply installing the browser add-on will result in £10 worth of Amazon credit ready to use on anything in your basket.

That’s £10 of credit mere days before Amazon kickstarts one of the biggest sales events of the year, where thousands of top products are discounted and can be reduced even further by making use of this credit.

Instructions for bagging the £10 free credit are below:

Install Amazon Assistant | Get free £10 credit at Amazon
Well ring-a-ding-ding! Now this is a cracking Prime Day gift if ever we saw one. Simply install Amazon Assistant in your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser and then sit back and watch the online retailer gift you a completely free £10 of credit to spend. Yep, it really is that simple. Use the credit by shopping via the Amazon Assistant browser add-on and make sure the item or items in your basket cost £25 or more. Thanks Amazon!View Deal

As can be seen from the super short instructions below, trousering that free £10 really is incredibly simple. Providing you haven’t already installed the Amazon Assistant, simply click the link above and install the Assistant in your web browser of choice, then click through the offer card to redeem your credit, before proceeding to shop through the Assistant for the item or items you desire (they must be sold by, total £25 or more, and not be digital items).

Bag your free £10 credit now by simply installing Amazon Assistant in the web browser of your choice.

(Image credit: Amazon)

And, that credit is going to come in extra handy when it comes round to Amazon Prime Day next Monday, as the online retailer has already confirmed that more products than ever before are in line to get serious price cuts.

Indeed, you only have to take a look at the Amazon products that are in line for cost carvings below, to imagine how cheap they will be with a Prime Day reduction and a £10 credit application. With this sweet deal, for example, a product that usually costs £45 but is discounted down to £25 in the Prime Day sales, could then be picked up just £15 by making use of this credit gift. That would be a huge 66% discount!

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