An alarm clock running like a car

Wake up alarm clock

The most creative alarm clock on the wheel:

The best wake-up call ever. Let you never be late. Clocky (clockie) is the only bedside alarm clock that can run, hide, scroll, scroll, beep, and jump (up to 3 feet of nightstand). He’s cool, funny, annoying, unique, a little crazy, guaranteed to get up on time. Move (on carpet or wood), shake, run, change direction. You will get up and close clock! Battery powered (4 AAA lithium batteries).

The heaviest sleeper’s loudest alarm:

clock is very loud. Part robot, part alarm clock – he sounds like R2D2. Annoying things keep you awake. Deliver the best alarm clock for deep sleepers.

Travelwey alarm clock

Sleep abuse?

Do you know anyone? I bet you even put the clock on the other side of the bedroom. Clocky is for children, teenagers, adults – all using gadgets to get up on time. Ideal gift for college students’ dormitory, graduation and back to school.

Easy to set time or snooze:

you can snooze once (1-8 minutes), or turn off snooze. The digital mobile alarm clock clock clock will light up in the dark and act as soon as you get up, and you will chase it.

Kids Alarm Clock

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