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If you look for alarm clock apps on the Google Play Store, you’ll find tons of options available. It’s hard to seek out ones that go above and beyond the stock Android alarm clock , so we’ve hunted down the highest alarm apps for Android and compiled them here for you.

Smartwatches could also be getting more popular, especially with the new features delivered by the likes of the Apple Watch Series 5 and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. except for most folks , the smartphone remains our time keeper and alarm clock of choice. the newest and greatest clock apps come loaded with extra features like highly configurable alarms, sleep logs and varied plugins. confirm you never awaken late with the simplest clock apps for Android and iOS.

1.Break your sleep cycle

Not all sleep is made equal. As you snooze, your body cycles through different stages, and it’s easier to awaken from some than others. the subsequent apps plan to hack your natural rhythm by waking you up during just the proper point in your sleep cycle. rather than setting one wake-up time, you select a slot during which you would like to rise and shine, and therefore the app will select a selected time from within that window.

Those who prefer a more meditative and calming wakeup call might like Sleep Cycle. Lay your smartphone on your mattress while you snooze, and this app will use the device’s sensors to work out your sleeping patterns. It only rings the alarm when you’ve reached a natural point of sunshine sleep in your biological time .

This alarm allows you to define a 30-minute window once you got to wake up—otherwise you’ll sleep throughout work or a crucial interview—and it’ll sound at some point during that period. If you upgrade to the premium plan, Sleep Cycle also can track the standard of your stay over several days, supported the movements and sounds you create .

break your sleep cycle

2.Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is one among the few alarms on the Play Store which will track your sleep quality. All you’ve got to try to to is roll in the hay it next to you on the bed and it tracks sleep behavior using your phone’s microphone to detect movement.

Once it gets to understand you, Sleep Cycle knows when you’re within the lightest phase of sleep. It uses this data to wake you up therein phase, which minimizes grogginess and causes you to feel well-rested and relaxed. you’ll set a custom wake window that Sleep Cycle will attempt to stay within.

Other features include sleep notes, in-depth graphs, and statistics to assist you analyze what affects your sleep. as an example , if you’re a fanatical coffee drinker, you’ll note of once you have a late-night drink, then compare the notes to your statistics to ascertain if caffeine is disrupting your sleep.

sleep cycle


AMdroid features a great selection of features that you simply don’t find in every alarm clock app. for instance , you’ll set awaken challenges, customizable alarm profiles, and an choice to automatically disable alarms on public holidays.

One of its smartest features is its location awareness. If you’re not at a group location when an alarm triggers, it won’t sound. this suggests no more stray exercise alarms going off when you’re out at a celebration , for instance .



While AlarmMon is large in South Korea , it hasn’t gained much traction elsewhere. this is often a shame, because AlarmMon is one among the foremost fun-loving alarm apps on Android.

AlarmMon features a range of characters you’ll choose between for your alarm. If you’re a light-weight sleeper, you’ll use a quiet character with a fun mini-game to play to wake you up.

If you sleep through everything, you’ll select a noisier character who will play a loud animation until you shut it up. This ranges from loud animal noises to a rendition of the Psycho theme, making AlarmMon a customizable evil alarm clock . Don’t worry; it’s only as evil as you permit it to be!


5.Sleep as Android

Sleep As Android is all about getting an honest night’s sleep. If you burn the midnight oil a touch an excessive amount of , the app can provide you with a warning that it’s bedtime so you don’t miss it.

Once you’re asleep, Sleep As Android gets to figure . It uses the microphone to see how deep your sleep is and compares this to your sleep cycles. Once it gets a thought of how you sleep, it can wake you up within the lighter phases to prevent you from feeling groggy.

To achieve this, Sleep As Android uses a “smart period” for alarms. The app will choose the optimal time during that period to wake you up, rather than going off at a selected time. as an example , an alarm set at 8am with a sensible period of half-hour will explode between 8:00 and 8:30, counting on when it’s best.

When you install the app, you get fortnight of the premium service for free of charge . Once the trial ends, you’ll get all the features back with a one-time purchase.

sleep as android

6.Alarm Clock Xtreme & Timer

Have you heard of these apps that will not allow you to drunk-text someone until you are doing some math problems to prove you’re sober? That’s one option of alarm clock Xtreme, which aims to prevent excessive use of the snooze option. It’ll even decrease the time between snoozes, so it isn’t always that magic default 9 minutes. It can wake you gently with gradually growing volume. Hitting snooze can involve a shake, the side buttons, pushing the screen, or the previously mentioned math. It all comes with a sleep tracker, stopwatch, and timer option also . If you do not mind advertising in your clock, you’ll get a free version.

alarm clock xtreme & timer

7.Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)

Alarmy has already been bestowed with the title of World’s most annoying alarm clock and that i must say it really goes with the image of the app. the thought behind the app is that you simply take an image of an object just like the wash basin, your balcony or anything that’s faraway from your reach while you’re within the bed. the image is then registered within the app and you’ll set and alarm on the app once that’s configured. Now when the alarm rings within the morning, you want to awaken , walk up to the thing that you simply took the image of then take an identical picture again to show off the alarm. Pretty straightforward.

You an cheat the app by taking an image of a lampshade or your hands on the bed, on the other hand you’re not cheating the app, but yourself at the top of the day. The app works great if configured properly. However, if you’re getting to visit a hotel or attend your parents house this summer, confirm you deactivate the alarm or change the registered pic or it’s getting to be a tough time to deactivate the alarm. The app is free with none limitation and you’ll choose different themes to vary the colours and customize the app.

alarmy (sleep if u can)

8.Morning Routine – Alarm Clock

Morning Routine alarm clock is analogous to Alarmy within the way that it’ll also force you out of the bed to snap an image . But instead of photos of a wash basin or sink which will vary from morning to morning, it asks you to scan the Universal Product Code of your morning serials you eat or the toothpaste you employ . you’ll also configure a daily routine like first taking the Universal Product Code of the toothpaste then the milk carton after 20 mins. Anything that saves you from getting late to the office.

Also, the app interface and its visual appeal is simply stunning. I can vouch for the very fact that’s is one among the simplest graphics I even have seen in an Android phone. Once you’ve got successfully completed all the steps and turned off the alarm, you’ll prefer to launch a custom app or a URL, just just in case you would like the news with the morning coffee. One great feature i prefer is that the wifi-locking. The app links the sequence with a specific Wi-Fi network and if the network isn’t found, it’ll not offer you the barcode to scan.

morning routine – alarm clock

9.Shake-it Alarm

Shake-it Alarm is perhaps one among the only alarm clock app on the list and every one you would like to try to to is shake your phone continuously to show of the alarm every morning. It’s just not one or two shakes we are talking about, It’s like shaking the phone for 7 to 10 seconds unless the bar within the apps refill and therefore the alarm is turned off. The app are often great for people that don’t like solving maths question within the morning.

One interesting feature of Shake-it alarm clock is that you simply can configure preset users to send message to. So if you don’t awaken , you’ll prefer to message your Dad or your ally to call and wake you up.

shake-it alarm

10.Puzzle alarm clock

Everyone needs a touch push to awaken within the morning. It’s just the initial 30 seconds we’d like to convert and fight the lord of the sleep to urge awake. So to makes sure you win in those 30 seconds how about wakening up to different puzzles every day? Puzzle alarm clock , because the name speaks will offer you random puzzles every morning and confirm you’re awake enough before turning itself off. you’ll choose maths, memory puzzle or some pattern based puzzles with three difficulty levels. At max, you’ll set a series of 5 puzzles but which will be a touch an excessive amount of for your brain. 2 to three puzzles in medium level will do the trick.

The app also has QR Code and NFC based alarm disabling option, but confirm you employ them wisely. The app also gives you ideal time to travel to bed notification depending upon the awaken alarm clock you’ve got set. Good for your health. the planning of the app is sweet and neat. you’ll definitely give this one a try.

puzzle alarm clock

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