Apple could be about to launch a Product (RED) Apple Watch

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Mentions of a Product(RED) Apple Watch were found within the company’s database before quickly being removed, suggesting that the popular smartwatch will be available in a new colour at some point in the near future.If it is indeed in Apple’s plans to release such a device, it’s likely it would be an additional aluminium edition of the watch, with a red anodised casing finish, rather than one of the more expensive versions.It would be the first time Apple has launched a Product (RED) Watch, although it has offered (RED) watch bands for a little while now.Best Apple Watch apps: 44 apps to download that actually do somethingThe latest report comes via WatchGeneration, and suggests it could be released sometime this Spring, matching up with Apple’s usual early-year cycle refreshes.Apple has a long-standing partnership with the Product (RED) campaign, and has consistently offered red iPods, cases and watch bands, along with – more recently – (RED) iPhones.For each sale in this series, a small portion of the revenue goes to the RED charity which works to fight AIDS in Africa. So far, Apple’s Product (RED) sales have raised around $220 million over the 13 years since the two organisations started working together.Of course, for now this is just a rumour. Up until this point, Apple has only really sold watches in relatively traditional metal finishes, with various shades of gold, silver, grey and black (plus the white ceramic model).If Apple was to release this version, it wouldn’t just mark the first time we’ve seen a Product (RED) watch, it would also be the first time Apple had released anything other than a traditional metal colour in its aluminium/steel watch finishes.The manufacturer often releases new minor updates to its hardware in March/April, and so if this device is real it would make sense for the company to launch it then.

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