Apple iPadOS and iOS 13.1 updates for iPad and iPhone are live – get them now!

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Apple has releasediPadOS, a new version of iOS specifically for the iPad.Technically called iPadOS13.1, it is available for supported devices as an over-the-air update via the Settings app. To access the update, go to Settings > General > Software Update. Itincludes almost all the new features iniOS 13 (and iOS 13.1, which is also rolling out now), as well as some other new features, including a fresh Home screen with smaller icon sizes so you can fit more apps on a page.iPadOS system requirements: Will the new iPad OS run on your iPad?There’s also a new option to add the Today Widgets from the left side of the screen onto the Home screen. Split View and Slide Over also support multiple windows from the same app. And tapping on theiPad’s display withApple Pencil brings up Markup, complete with a redesigned tool palette. Speaking of the Apple Pencil, Apple said latency has been reduced, from 20ms on theiPad Proto 9ms.Other new features for iPadOSinclude the ability to connect external drives to the Files app, more than 30 new keyboard shortcuts, and a desktop version of Safari with a newdownload manager to boot. You’ll even see afloating keyboard that supports the new QuickPath swipe feature.For more on all of the new features in iPadOS, check out our iPadOS guide.As for iOS 13.1, it’s the first update to iOS 13, which rolled out a few days ago. Itis available on all supported devices as an over-the-air update via the Settings app. It brings Shortcuts Automationsin the Shortcuts app, Share ETA, and more.For more about iOS 13 and iOS 13.1, see our guide here.iOS 13 system requirements: Will iOS 13 run on your iPhone or iPod touch?squirrel_widget_167354

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