Apple unveils its new iPad Pro models with new cameras and depth-sensing LiDAR scanner

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Apple has taken the wraps off the much-rumoured new versions of the iPad Pro that it’s been working on, and there are some substantial changes to dig into.Best tablet 2020: Top tablets to buy todayThe new tablet will come in 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes, packing in Apple’s newest A12Z Bionic chipset. Both sizes have also got a new camera unit with an ultra-wide lens, more microphones for better-quality audio recording, and a LiDAR scanner that should see them excel at augmented reality tasks and experiences.In terms of the tablets’ design, not much has changed on the front of things, with the same curved corners and reduced bezels from more recent generations of iPad Pro.As was also widely rumoured, the iPad Pro will also be compatible with a brand new Magic Keyboard, which arrives in May and has backlit keys and a trackpad (support for which is coming to iPadOS shortly). That means that the iPad Pro is right on the borderline of becoming a 2-in-1 device if you buy the Magic Keyboard, too.Apple’s waxing typically lyrical about theeight-core GPU A12Z Bionic chip it’s equipped the new iPad Pros with, which will boast the best performance in an iPad so far.It should also enable battery life of up to 10 hours, and allow for better LTE connectivity to enable your workflow to function well on the tablet – apparently boasting more LTE bands than any other tablet on the market.The iPad Pro will have one of Apple’s Liquid Retina displays, withP3 wide color support that should make them useful for professionals looking to edit photographs and video with reliable colour, while an automatically adapting refresh rate can top out at120Hz for smooth action and movement on-screen.AppleAll-new cameras, mics and LiDARThat new camera unit on the iPad Pro’s back is reminiscent of the iPhone 11 Pro’s, and packs in a new10MP ultra-wide lens in the same way, alongside the standard 12MP shooter. That doesn’t necessarily answer the question of who takes photos with an iPad, but it’s great for those people, regardless.Apple’s also highlighting that the new tablets will have five on-board microphones to make for much cleaner audio pick-up, which is another bonus if you’re using it for video calling or recording, with its 4K video capabilities also part of the package.AppleThat LiDAR scanner, meanwhile, means AR is as powerful as ever, making apps like Measure more powerful and reliable, alongside any other ARKit creations.The new iPad Pro models are available for order today from Apple, and should be in stores from next week. Prices start from £769/$799 for the 11-inch model and £969/$999 for the 12.9-inch model if you want a Wi-Fi version, or £919/$949 and £1,119/$1,149 respectively for LTE versions.squirrel_widget_193457

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