Apple Watch 6 looks set to have sleep tracking and blood oxygen monitoring

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We’ve heard before how the Apple Watch Series 6 might come with a blood oxygen level monitor. Those rumours are now gathering pace – separate sources are now suggesting that watchOS 7 will feature support for both this as well as sleep tracking.Sleep tracking has actually been rumoured for ages – indeed, it was even talked about prior to the release of the Apple Watch Series 5. Sleep tracking brings in a little problem for Apple Watch though, because most people charge their Apple Watch overnight.It’s likely, therefore, that sleep tracking would have to coincide with an enhanced battery life for the watch since the opportunities to charge it would be fewer.The same reports – from iUpdate and The Verifier – suggest that watchOS 7 will only support the Watch Series 3, 4, 5 and naturally Watch 6. That means that Watch Series 2 will join the Apple Watch Series 1 in receiving no more feature updates.The next version of the Apple Watch software is also reported to include an improved version of Siri, sharable watch faces, kids mode and extra workout enhancements. Check out our feature on the upcoming software update.Apple watchOS 7: Release date, features, leaks, and newsThe same sources also believe a future Apple Watch would have a fingerprint reader, possibly under the screen. However, this needs to be taken with a pinch of salt and, due to the hardware required, is unlikely for the next couple of years in our book.

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