Are Men Desperate For Male-Specific Technology?

cool alarm clocks for men

Let’s not waste any more time with the terrible question about the male obsession with alarm clocks. Let’s stop acting like a bunch of losers who need to be spoon-fed their favorite things and act like grown-ups. We’re not going to help them by pretending we know something about men, so let’s start with an easy one: how many of them sleep late? And the answer is: none!

I’m sure we’ve all encountered a noise from a room where someone was sleeping and someone woke up. I bet most of us just listen politely and go back to sleep. Some of us throw a blanket over our heads and attempt to stay asleep for as long as possible.

The problem with that, however, is that we’re forcing men to adapt to the loud noise of an alarm clock. If a man does get woken up by an alarm, he knows he has only one option: scream and try to get the neighbors to let him use the bathroom and go back to sleep.

I’m sorry, but that’s really not the way to deal with this situation. Why? It’s because noise from the alarm clock should never be allowed to disrupt your sleep.

The only time you should allow noise from an alarm clock is when it’s at its quietest. During this period, the human ear becomes more sensitive to the slightest of sounds. This makes sleeping almost impossible, but it’s the only time an alarm clock should be heard at all. All other times, you need to block out the noise with your hands or any object in your bedroom that can drown out the sound.

The problem is that men are so used to the loud noise of an alarm clock that they think nothing of waking themselves up at night. What most men are ignoring is the fact that they need to find a solution to block out the noise, even if it means going to bed earlier.

The male psychology is a minefield of loud noises. This is why male behavior experts recommend vibrating alarm clocks for men. Vibrating alarms are so loud that they won’t wake up anyone else, which means no one will hear the squeaking, and yet it will wake men up!

The noise isn’t necessarily loud enough to wake men up, but the vibration from the machine is such that men still find it difficult to sleep through it. This is the main reason vibrating alarms are an effective form of counter-conditioning against the loud noise of an alarm clock. There are still limits to how loud the vibrating alarm can make a sound.

It’s also important to note that men are naturally “morning people”. We think we should be waking up early, when in reality, we’d rather be having a cup of coffee or a bacon sandwich than begin our day with an alarm.

Men need help with this issue because they find it difficult to adjust to their own thoughts and goals. They’ve developed very strong habits that lead them to think that waking up in the morning is important. It’s very hard for them to let go of these habits.

If you’re trying to help men start to relax, try to start them off by getting them to recognize that they don’t have to wake up early in the morning. Trying to get men to be less focused on waking up early would be a good start to helping them relax.

The problem with being active and loud is that there are also quiet mornings where the alarm is off. Men usually feel anxious and unable to get out of bed when their alarm clock goes off. You might want to add a little extra motivation by incorporating some music into the environment, or perhaps get them to take a funny video into the bedroom to distract them when they need to get up.

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