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Children Alarm Clock

The best alarm clocks for 2020

Best smart alarmAmazon Echo Show 5 The $90 Show 5 has a lot of the trappings I look for in a good alarm clock. You can set different alarms and have them repeat on various days of the week. The alarm can wake you up with a customizable tone or your own music. You can […]

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Alarm Clock Tips

How do you snooze in the morning?

Good morning! Or not. It might have been a rough one, all tossy-turny terrible because you set three alarms, all 13 minutes after each other, in some numerology-inspired attempt to get more rest. The shift from rectangular blinking clock radio to smartphone alarm has really brought out the weirdos in us all. Life was simpler […]

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Snuznluz alarm clock
Creative alarm clock

Alarm clock with an automatic donation to charity

There are two kinds of people in the world – one who only sets one alarm and one who sets multiple alarms. By multiple, we mean one initial alarm then twenty snooze alarms with five-minute intervals. If you’re not a morning person and always struggle to find the will to drag yourself out of bed then this […]

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dynamite alarm clock
Creative alarm clock

Do you dare to use a dynamite alarm clock?

JUST ELECTRONICS — NO PHONY BOMB PARTS INCLUDED! Put a dynamite bag next to the pillow. I wonder if you dare to sleep peacefully? This dynamite alarm clock is called a “Defusable Clock“. It is made up of “detonators”.this “detonator” (of course not a real detonator), Attach a timer of the same type from an […]

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