Batman Digital Alarm Clock in 2020

The following are the latest Batman alarm clocks. If you are a fan of Batman, I think you will like it very much. It not only has a cool appearance, but also has a powerful alarm clock function. Don’t just treat it as an alarm clock, it will surprise you.

Lego Batman Alarm Clock

This is an iconic Lego mini humanoid alarm clock with a digital LCD display. It is 9.5 inches tall, has movable arms and legs and a snooze function. Light it up to display.

It can be battery storage, contains 2 AAA batteries, suitable for 6 years old and above.

lego batman alarm clock

Digital Display Batman LCD Alarm Clock

This is a digital Batman LCD alarm clock that can use 2 AA batteries and is an analog quartz movement. Its case diameter is 100mm. But it is not water resistant, so please keep it away from water.

This Batman alarm clock is very popular with children. You can buy one, which has the function of an alarm clock and can be used as a toy.

digital display batman alarm clock

Lego Digital Batman Alarm Clock

Make those mornings less stressful and always get on time with this LEGO® Batman alarm Clock! This clock comes with an easy-to-read 12 hour digital LCD display and moveable arms and wrists.

They’ll love that you simply can activate the characterised sounds by pressing the button on the front of the clock! to show on snooze and backlight functions simply down on Batman’s head.

lego digital batman alarm clock

Batman Projection Alarm Clock

Even Commissioner Gordon’s bat signal did not show the time. However, as long as you hold down the button, the bat signal and time will be projected on the ceiling or wall. The LED display will clearly show the time.

It also has a radio function, AM/PM or 24-hour function. The battery can store electricity, but 3 AAA batteries are required.

batman projection alarm clock

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