Bed Bath And Beyond Alarm Clocks

bed bath and beyond alarm clocks

When you take a shower, maybe you need an alarm clock to remind you of the time. When a tired day comes, bathing will wash away your fatigue, but many people will feel comfortable to fall asleep when bathing. For the sake of health, I think you need an alarm clock to wake you up so that you won’t catch a cold . The following alarm clocks have sunrise and sunset functions, which can not only help you fall asleep, but also help you wake up in time.

bed bath and beyond alarm clocks

Most Intuitive Design:Casper Glow Light

casper glow gight alarm clcok


you’ve handy it to Casper for intuitive design. to start out the sunset program before bed, just flip the alarm over. there is a button on top to pause and unpause it, and when it’s sitting on the charging pad, just turn it to regulate the brightness. Everything else, like setting wake-up schedules and adjusting the length of the sunsets and sunrises in 15-minute increments (up to 90 minutes), is controlled through the app.

Of all the sunrise alarms I tested, this was the simplest at evenly lighting up a dark room. it is also the sole wireless model I tested, so I could start a sunset within the front room and convey it with me into the bedroom later. you’ll pair several Glow Lights together, and they’ll sync so you’ll have one within the front room and another within the bedroom, which can ease your whole apartment into a sunset as you near bedtime. or simply have two on both nightstands. They recharge on a pad the dimensions of a coaster.


it’s just one shade of sunshine , and while you’ll adjust the brightness, you cannot make it warmer (yellower) or cooler (bluer). But it is a gorgeously warm traffic light . It’s $130 yet doesn’t have a clock, a radio, or an audible wake-up buzzer. If you ban your phone from your nightstand nightly and wish an alarm which will be programmed to scream at you exactly at 6:30 am, you will need a special sunrise alarm.

Best for Sounds:iHome Zenergy

ihome zenergy alarm clock


The Zenergy has the foremost relaxing sounds before bed and when awakening within the morning. There are 16(!) of them. Some sounds, like Heartbeat and Trance, job my memory of fantasy films like Event Horizon, but most of them are more natural and offer a really calming effect. Storm, Chimes, and River are my favorites. There’s also a guided breathing exercise where a voice instructs you when to require in breaths, hold them, and release them over a soothing track within the background, and it gets me within the mood for bed whenever . The see-through cloth cover allows the digital clock and menu items to shine through while hiding unlit display settings that are not in use. A premium touch.


Color patterns like Aurora, a rainbow effect, and Pulse, a coloured checkerboard pattern, are fun, but they do not keep me relaxed or wake me up. The Zenergy doesn’t illuminate the space nearly the maximum amount because the other alarms, so i would not use it to wind down while reading in bed the way I used the others. it had been more sort of a night light I’d set, climb into bed, and let lull me to sleep because it gradually lowered its light. There’s one sound mode called Peace that seems like a gas leak overlaid with somebody holding a lightsaber behind my head. I didn’t use that one much.

Best Overall:Homelabs Sunrise Alarm Clock

homelabs sunrise alarm clock


Yanking it out of the box, the build quality of this thing smacked me right upside the top . A solid metal stand and touch-sensitive buttons for $20!? Hell yes. It’s simple to use, and therefore the light on the sunset setting was warm and relaxing. the synthetic sunrise was enough to awaken me out of bed, but it wasn’t too bright. There are nature sounds to assist you awaken too, like birds and ocean waves.

You can dim or close up the display completely. For people like me, who have always hated seeing glowing numbers in an otherwise dark room, the latter may be a great option. I’ll never understand why more alarms don’t offer it. it is a steal at $20, especially with the extras like multicolor mood lighting, access to an FM radio, and a middle snooze button that’s easy to hit.


It did an honest job of casting enough light when it had been the sole lamp in my otherwise dark bedroom, but it is a bit on the tiny side and, due to its headlamp-like shape, it shines most during a particular direction. the sunshine is additionally not as diffused because the higher-end alarms on this list—certainly enough to read by before bed, but almost as ready to bathe the entire room in light. It’s still plenty bright to assist wake you up, though.

Best Running Alarm Clock:Clocky Alarm Clock

clocky alarm clock

Even self-proclaimed morning people sometimes struggle to awaken themselves from the nice and cozy abyss of deep-stage sleep. This, of course, may result during a series of haphazard jabs at your snooze button until you’re really running late, or the universally dreaded failure to ever hear your alarm explode within the first place. Meet Clocky, the nightstand pet designed to rescue you from all of your alarm-clock issues and anxieties.

Clocky may be a rambunctious, responsible alarm clock who will perform variety of irksome yet effective antics to urge you up and at ’em. First of all, he’s very, very loud, so you’re bound to be jolted from even the foremost corpse-like slumber. Then, he’ll roll faraway from wherever you’ve left him, continuing to emit a spread of noises while you’re forced to chase him down so as to curtail the cacophony. He can survive a three-foot fall, so you’ll station him atop your nightstand, and he’ll bounce right down the steps , too, if that’s what it takes to urge you moving. (He won’t, however, brew your morning coffee for you … but this alarm clock will.)

You can customize the snooze settings supported your preferences. Clocky’s default is to possess the snooze button disabled, meaning that he’ll zoom away as soon because the alarm pops . If you’re a touch more forgiving of your own “just five more minutes” habit, you’ll choose for Clocky to allow you to hit the snooze button once, twice, or more before he rolls away—and you’ll also set the length of your time your snoozes will last.

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