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It is said that this winter will be a cold winter for the whole country. Not only has a rare low temperature appeared in the north, but the weather in the south these days is also very touching. It will even drop to 1 ℃ in a few days. People who are “oil-based antifreeze” have put on down jackets.

In the cold days of the north wind, getting up is always a terrible thing: the arms and legs that are stretched out are always involuntarily retracting the quilt. The mobile phone alarm clock can often only be alarmed and then we are turned off stupidly. As a result, we entered the office every day during work hours.

However, at this time, Microsoft launched an alarm clock app that is very timely (heartbroken): Mimicker Alarm

Want to turn off the alarm? not that simple

This app looks like a simple alarm clock without other functions: after entering the interface, all you can do is set the time, alarm name, and alarm music. It should be mentioned that in the Mimics column, you can select “Tasks”. By default, all types of tasks are random. All operations are completed after saving.

best alarm clock app

If you honestly set the alarm clock in the morning without asking what Mimics means, you will not be late tomorrow morning. Because this alarm clock has one characteristic: if you want to turn it off, you have to complete a task it gives you. These tasks seem simple, and it is not troublesome to complete them when you are awake, but it is “refreshing” for those who are confused in bed.

Task classification:

  • Color capture: Find the specified color and take a photo.
  • Express yourself: Put on the specified expression and take a photo.
  • Tongue twister: read the specified twister clearly

The effect is as follows:

The best online alarm clock

You only have 30 seconds to complete the instruction. If you do n’t complete the task in time, the alarm clock will think that you are asleep again, and continue to make loud noises. Only after completing the instruction can you turn off the alarm clock.

If the selfie is relatively simple, after running a warm blanket under the low temperature to shoot a green plant, you should have no sleepiness, right? Of course, if you choose the Snooze button, you can still get 5 minutes of breathing, but that is all in vain, and the fate trial will come eventually (laughs).

In addition, this alarm clock comes from the Microsoft Garage Project. The purpose of this project is to encourage employees, interns or teams in all parts to participate in innovation. The famous Arrow Launcher comes from this project. Behind the seemingly simple functions of MimickerAlarm, it is actually a high-level field involving expression recognition, computer vision and speech recognition. It must be said that these completely innovative products are quite practical after being combined with Microsoft’s strong technical support.

You can download Mimicker Alarm on Kuan or Google Play.

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