Best Aromatherapy Alarm Clock

best aromatherapy alarm clock

Many alarm clocks specialise in your sense of hearing. the simplest sunrise alarms also provide your eyes with a simulated natural “alarm” which will assist you to awaken . But what about your sense of smell?

Some people are stimulated by scent rather than by sight when it comes time to awaken . That’s why finding an alarm clock that gives an aromatherapy feature are often the key to unlocking a healthy wake-up cycle.

Wake up light aromatherapy alarm clock

Reverse effect. Not only does this wake-up alarm clock gradually lighten within the morning because it diffuses an aroma, it can also be programmed to travel in reverse. in the dark the sunshine can gradually dim as an aroma is diffused.Gradual wake-up with nature sounds. This alarm clock from Sound Oasis are often programmed to play gentle nature noises quarter-hour before the alarm is to travel off. this will help buffer an abrupt wake-up at an early hour.

Battery back-up. an excellent feature of this alarm clock is that, additionally to AC power, it’s A battery back-up system. this will be a lifesaver for those that believe their alarm clocks to wake-up during stormy season.

wake up light aromatherapy alarm clock

Aromatherapy alarm clock with touch control

The PureGuardianSpa deluxe ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser with touch controls will compliment any room, while simultaneously providing invigorating scents by the touch of a finger. it’s quiet and efficient and 5-8 hours of continuous operation with easy on/off touch screen controls. there’s no mess and no filter required and it’s easy to line up, operate and clean. This product isn’t intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

aromatherapy alarm clock with touch control

Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser alarm clock

The Zenergy Aroma Dream iZA40W may be a soothing ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser with soothing sound therapy tracks designed to assist you nod off . With a 250 ml reservoir capacity, the iZA40W features a runtime for up to 54 hours so you’ll enjoy the calming effects of aromatherapy without having to constantly add more water. It features 12 soothing naturally recorded environmental and noise sound therapy tracks to calm the mind and assist you relax.

Set dedicated aroma and sound therapy timers that every operate up to eight hours. The Zenergy Dream comes with a detachable remote that permits you to regulate the aromatherapy, sound modes, and timers from a distance, it also includes a 5ml pure lavender volatile oil bottle. Set alarms on the iZA40 and gradually wake to the customizable aroma and sound therapy settings, and use the built-in USB to charge your mobile device. Recommended by The Sleep Doctor, Michael Breus, Ph.D.

aromatherapy essential oil diffuser alarm clock

Bluetooth speaker aromatherapy alarm clock

Bluetooth compatibility. This alarm clock – and its loudspeaker – can hook up with Bluetooth-enabled devices. This makes playing favorite playlists and custom natural noise sounds super convenient.
Adjustable mist settings. While many diffusers have one static setting for diffusion, this device allows users to toggle between two different mist settings. Perfect for when using the diffuser in several settings with variable environments.

Oil recipe booklet. The manufacturer includes a booklet with do-it-yourself information on the way to use and blend oils for various occasions and for specific moods and effects.

bluetooth speaker aromatherapy alarm clock

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