Best-ever Tile Pro deal is a pre Amazon Prime Day steal

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We’ve seen a lot of truly excellent deals land ahead of the Amazon Prime Day 2019 celebrations, and this excellent smart home deal on the Tile Pro two-pack is one of the most attractive, offering a brace of the world’s best Bluetooth trackers for a lowest ever price point.

The Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker, for those unfamiliar with the super handy smart gadget, can be connected to or inserted into basically anything (wallets, keys, phone cases, laptop bags, cameras, children, etc) and then allows their location to be visually shown with an app or made to audibly ring if they get misplaced. 

Tile basically makes it near-impossible to lose technology, valuables and possessions, which is why we like the product so much and why this deal well and truly got our attention. You can check out the full details below:

Tile Pro with Replaceable Battery – 2 pack (1 x Black, 1 x White) | now £34.99 at Amazon (was £49.99)
This is the lowest price the Tile Pro two-pack has ever been, which is why we think it is a great buy for anyone looking to add a layer of smart security to their most valuable possessions. The twin-pack’s price has been reduced from £49.99 down to only £34.99, which is a straight £15 saving (30% discount). This deal also comes with totally free delivery as well. Very nice.View Deal

In addition, Tile Pro also works in reverse, too, so if a user loses their Tile-connected phone, for example, then by pressing the Tile button on the Tile Pro the user can make the phone ring remotely.

T3 referred to Tile Pro as the “ultimate travel accessory” when covering the product, and were amazed by its “remarkable Bluetooth range of 300 feet”. We also think the Tile Active Community Find feature is incredible, with any Tile Pro that is left far away from its owner (on a bus, for example) trackable (if allowed, naturally) by other Tile users, with location updates then sent to the owner so they can easily find it again.

During Amazon Prime Day 2019, we’re expecting the online retailer to offer discounts on many of its most popular products, which can be viewed directly below. In addition, Walmart,, Currys and John Lewis are also currently dropping lots of quality deals in an effort to compete with Amazon, so if you’re currently looking to pick something up cheap then it is definitely worth visiting them and seeing if it is discounted.

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