Best Mechanical Alarm Clock

Best Mechanical Alarm Clock

Peakeep 4 inches Twin Bell Loud Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Metal Case + Plastic Back

Metallic iron look, well made, color bronze, large black Arabic numbers, awesome clear and simple style, looks conspicuous in your nightstand.

Twin bell design

The twin bell design and a mini-hammer offer an extra loud ringing, perfect for heavy sleepers, hearing impaired even deaf. Without snooze function, good wake-up alarm for trouble waking up.

Retro look analog alarm clock

Retro look analog alarm clock with a silent & non-ticking second hand, benefited from premium quartz movement, requires 1 AA alkaline battery, helps you keep track of your day more accurately.

Two dials

Two dials for your easy clock setting, individual alarm switch, the backside white light button protrudes a little for your easy access pushing to get the nightlight to know night time.

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