CEATEC 2017 Day 3: T3 checks out the hot new tech from Sharp, Panasonic, NEC, Mitsubishi, and Fujitsu

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After analysing the latest innovations at CEATEC 2017 on Day 1 and Day 2 of our on-the-show-floor reporting, let’s now check out in detail some of the most important booths here at the fair.



Clearly looking to establish the new TV standard, this year Sharp’s booth is focused on the ‘8K World’ theme, with the announcement of the LC-70X500 at 1 million yen (1,080,000 yen VAT excluded to be exact) as its showpiece. The LC-70X500 is a direct replacement for the professional LV-85001 (that used to be sold for 16 million yen, i.e. £102,417 GBP).

It must be said that every person we’ve seen coming in to CEATEC this year, as soon as they see the quality of the 8K screen, can’t resist taking a photo.

The new 8K TV is coming out on December 1 and makes us hope for the best for this historic Japanese company, especially after the troubled period that has passed last year, in which we saw Foxcon buying two thirds of the company.

Only 200 of these TV sets will be made worldwide, and we’re quite sure they will sell out in a very short time period.

If you are interested, here’s more information about the LC-70X500.

On the other side of Sharp’s booth there is the all-round wonder that is ROBOHON, a cell phone, alarm clock, photo camera, entertainer, dancer, etc.. (now working in concert thanks to the Wi-Fi enhancement), who entrances all who comes here.

Check ROBOHON out with your own eyes!

Compared to CEATEC’s 2017 main leitmotiv ‘CPS/IoT’, Sharp has decided on a ‘AIoT’ strategy, launching a proprietary streaming video named COCORO VISION (that includes COCORO MUSIC and COCORO VIDEO) for SmartTVs like the AQUOS 4K UH5.

It is also showing for the first time the interesting ‘Home Assistant’ that reminds us of the cuteness of ‘Haro’ from Bandai plus the versatility of Panasonic’s ‘Cocotto’.

Last but not least, an interesting ‘AGE’ Sensor that measures the level of accumulated advanced glycation end-products to determine our age and health situation.

Want more information about Sharp’s offering? We got you covered.


Talking about ‘Cocotto’, who embraced entirely the leitmotiv of the fair, the company that really did this like no other is definitely Panasonic!

As we already said yesterday, with all the innovations showcased this year (Wearable Patch Maker, Smart Ageing Care System, Physical Condition Sensing detector, etc..) Panasonic really has stolen the show and is the company of CEATEC 2017.

Naturally, if you want more information about these mad offerings then you can be well served.


NEC, under the motto ‘NEC: the Wise AI’, showcased many interesting things at CEATEC 2017. The one that really will remain and (probably) it is already in use by the police in parts of the worl, is the N.1 surveillance system that still makes me wonder if we are really free to move around our cities.

Check out its power below:

Now improved over the past model, the ‘Neo face’ engine, now with less than -66 milliseconds can recognise a face in front of millions of others, and this technology is already being installed in airports, train stations, and public spaces.

The second most interesting innovation from this IT giant is the new pair of earphones named ‘Hearable Device’. These have been improved since last year and work as a personal assistant when moving around the office and/or at home.

Really interesting – it seems like this feature to ‘personalise’ our gadgets that recognise us in front of other appliances and work with us, is a new improvement in the augmented reality that Tim Cook used to talk about in front of Apple’s crowd.

There is no doubt NEC is investing massively in these segments of the market, and is already ahead of the game in more than one.

We are pretty sure next year at CEATEC 2018 NEC can impress us even more. More information about this year’s showing can be found over here.


Present for the first time at CEATEC, the historic video game developer (who we usually meet up with during the Tokyo Game Show: check out our Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 coverage from this year now if you haven’t already).

B-N has showcased for the first time their lovely robot ‘HARO’ from the Gundam robot anime series, and also the scary-looking Mekamons. These new robots – compared to others AI androids seen here at the fair – remain for the moment only interesting toys, however we hope next year they will get enhanced.


A company known most in the west for its air conditioning department, in Japan the `water caltrop` this year demonstrated that it is a real beast. It is so powerful in fact that it has a bank of its own, which is this year launching its own electric coin!

A company so powerful and structured that it also controls the Japanese insurance market and the savings of many citizens – being the 1st commercial bank of Japan – it now wants to conquer the e-coin market too by testing the ‘MUFG Coin’.

Accoding to Mitsubishi: “MUFG coin takes advantage of the new technology that is on a network of multiple smaller computers. It is possible to cheaply build a tamper-resistant transaction record of the ledger, otherwise referred to as the “blockchain”.

Mitsubishi is set to see how successful the ‘MUFG Coin’ is, especially abroad, and has signed with FinTech (US firm) as a member of the firm’s Global Payments Steering Group (GPSG).

The working group are supporting a platform of international rules for the blockchain network enabling so global money transfers over a blockchain by 2018.

At the moment 1 ‘MUFG coin’ is 1 Yen.


Under the motto “Reshaping tomorrow with you”, the Japanese giant is continuing to produce innovative, forward-thinking technologies.

One that for sure is going to be used in hospitals around the world is the ‘ID Card Hands Free speech translation device’, which is an instant professional translator for professional use in many languages.

Developed in collaboration with the University of Tokyo Hospital and the NICT, this technology will be coming to the west very soon for its advanced professional use (specialised in the medical field).

Lastly, another interesting project – but not devoted only on the practical use as above – that the company is working on is ‘Tokyo Art City’, a project that aspires to visualise “the city as an art” in which there are countless human activities that makes the city breath.

Get the lowdown on Tokyo Art City.

Sayonara, for now

Ok, we are exhausted and there is no more space (as usual), but we really would have loved to talk about even more of the interesting stuff seen right here (every year is a tons, believe us!), but alas there is no more time.

Anyway, if you like staying informed about the latest hot new technology, games and more coming out of the Land of the Rising Sun, then be sure to check out T3’s ‘Made in Japan’ section.

For now though that’s all even from CEATEC 2017!

See you next week from an another amazing place here in Japan.


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