Cheap Philips Hue deal: Innr smart bulbs work with Hue system, cost MUCH less


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We love the Philips Hue smart lighting ecosystem at T3, bestowing it a maximum 5-star score in our Philips Hue review, as well as placing it right at the top of our best smart bulbs buying guide. It is the premium smart lighting platform of choice in 2019.

Unfortunately, Hue smart bulbs often come with a premium price point, too, which is why we are constantly on the hunt for great Philips Hue deals — we want the most people possible to experience the brilliance of the Hue smart lighting platform. 

And this is why when we discovered Innr smart bulbs, a brand of smart lighting set up by ex-Philips employees that works seamlessly with the Philips Hue platform, we had to write about them. Not only do these bulbs look quality, but crucially they are actually far cheaper than their official Hue alternatives. They also work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home’s Assistant as well, meaning voice control is guaranteed.

A good example of the saving on offer can be seen if you look at the Philips Hue White & Colour Ambiance E27 Twin Pack. These are retailing right now for £65.95 at Amazon, while their direct Innr alternative currently costs only £46.99, a direct £18.96 saving. Some models offer even greater savings, and are as much as half the price of their Philips Hue alternative.

A curated selection of the best Innr smart bulbs can be found below:

Innr Smart LED Bulb E27 White | £11.99 at Amazon
If you aren’t fussed about the ability to change colour, and need to equip a lamp say with a smart bulb that can be controlled via Amazon Alexa / Google Home / in-app, then this single Innr Smart LED Bulb in the E27 screw fitting is a great option.View Deal

Innr Smart LED Bulb E27 White | £21.99 at Amazon
A step up from the single pack, this option delivers two Innr Smart LED E27 screw fitting bulbs for just over twenty notes. Ideal for a brace of single bulb products, or to light a small room with app, voice and switch/button controllable smart lighting.View Deal

Innr Smart LED Bulb E27 White Triple Pack | £27.99 at Amazon
The best value white smart bulb screw fitting pack delivered by Innr, the Triple Pack scores you three bulbs for just £27.99, which is a low £9.33 per bulb. Ideal for lighting medium to large rooms.View Deal

Innr Smart Bulb White B22 Twin Pack | £19.99 at Amazon
For bayonet fitting users, Innr also has you covered, with a range of bulbs equipped with the connection. This B22 white light twin pack offers simply superb value at just £19.99.View Deal

Innr Smart Bulb Colour B22 | £24.99 at Amazon
If you need smart lighting functionality like voice control, scheduling, and temperature control, but also want the ability to change lighting colour, then this single B22 bulb is a great starting point for a bayonet fitting.View Deal

Innr Smart Bulb Colour E27 | £26.99 at Amazon
And, just as the B22 example above, Innr also deliver single packs of its colour changing bulbs in a screw fitting attachment, too. Over 16 million colours can be selected to light your home.View Deal

Innr Smart Bulb Colour E27 Twin Pack | £46.99 at Amazon
For better value colour changing, it is worth considering Innr’s twin packs on both E27 and B22 smart bulbs. This option lands you a brace of the bulbs for only £46.99, which is far cheaper that the official Philips Hue alternative.View Deal

Innr Smart LED Spot White GU10 | £11.99 at Amazon
For kitchens and bathrooms, the ceiling or wall-mounted GU10 fitting is a great choice, and Innr deliver here with a single white light bulb ringing in for only £11.99.View Deal

Innr Smart LED Spot White GU10 Quad Pack | £39.99 at Amazon
The GU10 fitting is often best bought in bulk in our opinion, though, and here you can bag four of the Innr white light bulbs for just £39.99. Ideal for completely replacing a lighting strip, or to have emergency bulbs spare for if one goes in a power cut.View Deal

Innr Smart LED Spot Colour GU10 | £29.99 at Amazon
Naturally, Innr also delivers colour changing variants of its the GU10 fitting, and here you can pick up a single bulb for £29.99. This is the cheapest option, but most people will be probably best plumping for the twin pack below.View Deal

Innr Smart LED Spot Colour GU10 Twin Pack | £52.99 at Amazon
Saving a decent chunk of change over the single bulb above, this twin pack delivers two colour-changing GU10 bulbs for just over fifty notes.View Deal

Innr Smart Filament LED Bulb B22 Vintage | £29.99 at Amazon
And, finally, we couldn’t not include an example of Innr’s range of vintage-themed Filament LED Bulbs. These smart bulbs don’t change colour but boast that vintage look and distinctive colour warmth.View Deal

For even more great smart bulbs that work with Philips Hue, be sure to check out T3’s best cheap Philips Hue deals guide. For even more great smart home products, then take a look at the best smart thermostats, best smart security cameras, best smart speakers, best smart plugs, best video doorbells and best smart home gadgets roundups.

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