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Whether you’ve joined the corporate world, are making the most of your time with higher education, or simply getting your hands dirty at work, you probably know that most people aren’t natural early risers. Most men don’t roll out of bed full of energy, or at least not without a little help from an alarm clock. While it can be a major temptation to hit the snooze button more than once, it can also make you late for your job, a class or an important meeting.

As men get older, we have come to realize that giving ourselves enough time to mentally prepare for the day ahead can mean the difference between a smooth, successful experience and just scraping by. No matter when your day starts, be it 6 a.m. or 6 p.m., make getting out from under cover a little easier with one of these cool alarm clocks for men. You might say that one clock is just as good as any other, but novelty and a good dose of awesome can help you avoid the possibility of turning off that alarm without fully realizing it.

Cool Alarm Clocks for Guys

The Modern Buzz – Kikkerland Clap-On Cube Alarm Clock

BUY IT HEREKikkerland’s Clap On Alarm has a sleek, minimalist cube design that won’t clutter up your nightstand. About 6 cm on a side, and powered by two AAA batteries, it’s compact, too. Just about everyone remembers those cheesy television commercials for The Clapper light sensor, but the coolest part of this alarm clock is that the time display doesn’t remain lit. You have to activate it by clapping or maybe smacking the table next to it. That means that if you have a late night, there are no digital reminders of how much sleep you won’t be getting. When you’re ready to check the time, just make some noise.

No Baggage – Braun Travel Alarm Clock

BUY IT HEREBraun’s tiny travel alarm is compact enough to fit in your shaving bag. Whether your job takes you on the road or you often spend your nights away from home, this small square quartz-powered clock can hitch a ride with you. It’s easy to set, keeps great time, and comes equipped with an escalating alarm that is guaranteed to wake you from your heaviest sleep. Measuring approximately 2.5 inches square, only 1 inch deep, and made of matte black plastic, this lightweight, convenient alarm makes a perfect traveling buddy.

For the Gear Heads – Niceeshop Retro Flip Down Clock

BUY IT HEREIf you love mechanical devices, novel designs, and unique items, this alarm clock has your name all over it. It runs on a D-battery, so there are no cluttering chords, and has an internal gear-operated mechanism. The coolest thing about this sleek looking little clock is the 12-hour a.m./p.m. flip-down minute and hour display. It’s something out of the ordinary for an guy who is anything but status quo and knows it.

Running Wild – Clocky Alarm Clock On Wheels

BUY IT HEREThis alarm clock won’t let you snooze too long. Set on wheels, it will actually leap from your nightstand and roll away, talking R2-D2 smack at you the whole time. With two dot eyes set above its clear black-on-gray digital display, it brings a whole new meaning to the term clock face. It comes in a variety of colors—so pick your poison—and runs on batteries, so it isn’t tethered to the wall. If you need extra help rolling out of bed, this can definitely provide you with plenty of incentive.

Future Trip – Ivee Flex Voice-Activated Clock Radio

BUY IT HEREFor the technology junkies among us, this is the alarm clock for you. It responds to voice commands to turn on the FM radio or set the time and alarm. This clock comes in either black or white and has a sleek, modern design, with a digital display. If you need some soothing white noise to help you unwind after an endless day, this clock is equipped to provide a number of samples, which you can set for a desired length of time. All in all, this is an alarm clock for someone who wants something above and beyond the ordinary level of technology.

Retro Vertigo – Elgin QA Twin Bell Silver Alarm Clock

Get the awesome vintage look of an Elgin bell alarm clock with the advantages of more advanced technology. If you are up before the sun or start your day after dark, the dial will light up on demand for easy time telling. It also comes equipped with a bell or a beep alarm option that escalates over time. While there is a repeating snooze function, but one wake-up call is usually enough with this awesome retro clock.

True North – Oliver Hemming Desire Black Six Alarm Clock

This sleekly designed, minimalist Oliver Hemming alarm clock has the look of a modern compass. It’s tasteful, understated and not overburdened with extraneous technology—or numerals. You know where you’re going. You know what your priorities are. Don’t bog yourself down with more than you need. Set your alarm and forget it, because while functionality is key, it shouldn’t be obtrusive.

More Modern Than Numbers – Logic Designer Alarm Clock

BUY IT HEREThis masculine, modern brushed metal clock is as much a decoration as it is a necessity. With a luminescent display face and brushed silver hands, this enviable time piece is compact and understated. It comes equipped with a repeating snooze function and a four-state escalating alarm. When it’s not waking you up, it’s looking good, and that’s always a plus.

The Man Clock – Seiko Bedside Alarm Clock

BUY IT HEREIt’s straightforward, compact, and doesn’t need frills to be attractive. It’s everything a clock should be, without extra distractions. This Seiko alarm clock is clearly numbered with a quiet second hand, luminescent markers and hands. With quartz movement, it presents quiet consistency in a discrete, clean-lined square design.

Better Than a Buzz – Philips Wake-up Light Alarm Clock


If a buzzer or loud music makes you wake up in a bad mood, then try this cutting edge clock. Its gradually increasing light stimulates your pineal gland to wake you up naturally, and it comes with two awesome soundtracks to the best wake-up you’ve ever had.

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