digital alarm clock with battery backup

As a timer, the clock is an indispensable small object for daily use in daily life. The clocks on the market are displayed in two categories: digital display and pointer. This article mainly recommends the digital display interface with creative appearance and rich functions. The appearance of creative personality can also add new meaning to daily life.

Kimura Kimura fashion flip electronic clock

The appearance of this electronic clock combines the retro page turning clock and modern fashion creativity. It looks more creative from the appearance. There are four colors to choose from: white, green, blue and yellow. You can choose according to your own preference. The overall three dimensions of this alarm clock are: 20 mm * 6.5 mm * 12 mm, and the size is not very selective. It has good design appearance and page turning style Do you want to plant grass? Two No. 5 batteries as power source output, no alarm clock function.

Momen charging electronic clock

This alarm clock adopts LCD digital display screen, the overall three circumference size is: 140cm * 49mm * 137cm, with date and temperature monitoring display, with backlight display (provide light and warm light two options), with several more interesting functions, such as in the clock display function, touching the top of the body with your hand will trigger the voice alarm function, with the function of hour alarm (can be set to off) In the alarm mode, touching the top of the body with your hand will trigger the sleepiness function. You can set three groups of alarm clock prompts, and the alarm clock has five kinds of music for selection. The alarm clock is designed with built-in rechargeable battery, which is more environmentally friendly. There are four colors of white, blue, pink and purple.

Onefire digital display electronic clock

The appearance design of this alarm clock is very cute and cute. There are two series on sale. The overall three dimensions are 103cm * 47mm * 99cm (rabbit model) and 140cm * 49mm * 137cm (deer model). It is distinguished by the silicone jacket on the surface. The digital display panel is equipped with voice control wake-up function. Two sets of alarm clock settings are provided. DC power supply can be realized by DC socket, or battery power can be used as power supply (4 sets of 7 No. 2 battery).

Compas compas backlight digital display electronic clock

The appearance design of this alarm clock is simple, large LCD digital display screen, in addition to display time function, but also with date, temperature display, screen with automatic photosensitive function (alarm clock back with a switch button, you can turn off the function), the overall three circumference size is: 115cm * 50mm * 110cm, with three groups of alarm clocks, you can set the working day mode according to personal needs and provide three kinds of work Daily selection: 1-5, 1-6, 1-7. Three No. 7 batteries are used as power source output.

Art boat time lamp electronic clock

The appearance design of this alarm clock is relatively small. In addition to the clock display, the biggest feature is that it has rich light control functions, supporting human identification, stepless dimming, and touch dimming light adjustment. The clock display interface is black transparent display design, and the reflection light guide is not dazzling. The attached interesting alarm clock function is also more interesting. The clock itself has no buttons, so it can’t be turned off manually If it is off, you must get up to trigger the sensor alarm clock before it will stop automatically. The built-in 2000mA rechargeable lithium battery has a low brightness duration of 168 hours and a high brightness continuous use time of 8 hours.

Midea’s luminous digital electronic clock

The overall design of this alarm clock gives people a feeling of simplicity and pretty good appearance. The overall size of the alarm clock is 127cm * 170mm * 159cm, with digital display interface, adjustable alarm volume, built-in 6 Music ringtones for selection, with light display function, through touch to support colorful color matching, with light natural wake-up function, the top light of the electronic clock 30 minutes before the alarm rings It will simulate the change of the morning sun, and slowly increase the brightness. It is powered by three No.7 batteries and supports USB socket power supply. It should be noted that the light cannot be turned on when the battery is used alone.

I hope the electronic clock with rich functions and good appearance can plant grass in your heart, but you also need to pay attention to the size at the same time of purchasing, so as to avoid mismatching the furniture when you get it.

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