Digital travel alarm clock for 2020

digital travel alarm clock for 2020

When you travel, maybe you need an alarm clock to remind you of your itinerary so that you will not miss the excitement of the journey.

What you need when traveling is small but powerful, and they are also available for checking weather and temperature classes, always caring about your health.

Betus digital travel alarm clock

It is a small clock with multiple functions to meet all your needs. The large font display makes it bold and easy to read. It can not only display the date, time and temperature, but also has alarm and timer functions.

Portable, it has a minimum size of 3 inches x 3.4 inches x 0.5 inches and is powered by a CR2025 button battery. It is small and lightweight, and can be easily packed or thrown into a wallet. The operation is very simple and comes with a detailed and easy-to-understand user manual. You can read this instruction to easily set normal time mode, music alarm mode and sleep mode, timer mode and temperature mode.

It can help you quickly get daily information, and then you can immediately choose the clothes to wear. It only takes a few minutes to find out the installation instructions.

betus digital travel alarm clock

MEKO travel alarm clock

This is a cool-looking travel alarm clock,and there are three different colors available. It doesn’t make the annoying tick-tock sound, and thus , you’ll sleep peacefully. The beep alarm sound keeps on ascending in four stages, and therefore the snoozing happens after 5 minutes.

The highest button is for snoozing also as for the Inner Light . This makes the time visible within the dark. it’s powered by one AA battery.

 travel alarm clock

Portable travel alarm clock

If you only need a basic alarm clock without any fancy sounds, please take it. It is very easy to carry, with the help of an old-fashioned analog front panel and a small sn button. This classic style will make you feel less cruel when you wake up.

portable travel alarm clock

Precision radio controlled digital alarm clock

White precision radio remote control alarm clock with digital screen, with multiple functions such as date display, backlight, temperature reading and snooze function.

There is a small night light, height 7.7, width 7.7, depth 2.8cm. There are also temperature and thermometer display.

The radio controlled time can be automatically updated. Support battery power supply.

precision radio controlled digital alarm clock

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