Do your spring cleaning the easy way with the Roborock S5 Max

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Spring is nearly here – the days are getting longer, the cold is slowly but surely seeping away, and things are getting fresher. It’s a classic time of the year to do some cleaning out.Here’s the thing about cleaning though: it’s a chore. Some people find great satisfaction in regularly making sure their floors are dust and dirt-free, but for our money there are way more of us who can’t really be bothered, even when we know it needs doing. Thankfully, all isn’t lost if you don’t fancy the hassle.Robot vacuums like Roborock’s brilliant S5 Max can take the load off your shoulders and keep your house clean with little to no effort, in a variety of ways. We’ve totted up some of the best ways the S5 Max could help you keep your feet up this Spring.Roborock1. Vacuuming excellenceWe’ll get onto some fancy extra features in a second, but let’s be real – the reason you buy a robot vacuum is for the quality of its vacuuming, above anything else. You want a unit that has good enough suction to clean any surface thoroughly, not leaving behind any dirt. The good news is that the Roborock S5 Max ticks that box, and then some.The suction in this little unit is so powerful that it can pick up dirt as heavy as an AA battery, even when its dustbin is full, meaning that you can rely on it to leave your home gleaming once it’s completed its rounds.See Roborock S5 Max offer Google Express USand UK Amazon2. Mopping up the competitionThe thing is, though, vacuuming is only one part of the floor-cleaning spectrum, with mopping lying on the other end. Chances are you haven’t had a hoover that can mop as well, before. Well, the S5 Max might just blow your mind, then. It’s got a built-in mopping system with a water tank that can let it mop 2,000 square feet of floor before it needs a refill.Its spring-loaded mop will ensure a consistent finish on the floors it leaves behind, while its precision water management lets it use that tank to the maximum efficiency at all times. You can really easily set no-mop zones, too, which will automatically activate when you attach the mopping pad, so that you don’t have to worry about your favourite rug getting wet. It all comes together to make for the easiest gleaming floors you’ll ever get.Roborock3.It’ll map your home itselfThe Roborock S5 Max packs in all sorts of little automations besides, though, to make sure that it takes charge of all the potentially tiresome parts of cleaning. You can easily schedule it to clean at certain times, if you know you’ll be out, and while it does so it’ll use a massive array of carefully-calibrated sensors to map out your home independently.That way, it can learn the layout and work out the most efficient possible route for it to take as it goes on its clean. It’ll also make smart changes, like automatically detecting carpets and changing its suction power to account for it, all without needing to be told. You’ll basically be able to forget about it once it’s up and running.If you do want more control, though, you’ll be able to set different cleaning preferences for each room, as well as setting a schedule for each of them separately if you like. That means that you could set a medium-suction vacuuming for your bedroom each lunchtime, and a maximum-flow mopping for the kitchen during the night, for example.4. Voice controlsIf getting a robot vacuum to do your cleaning is all about keeping your feet up, there’s nothing like voice control to make you feel like you’re living in the home of the future (or at least the cutting edge present).The Roborock S5 Max can integrate with your home’s smart assistant, whether it’s Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant, to let you ask it to start cleaning without ever having to pick up your phone or tablet. That’s the definition of ease of use.Roborock5. Easy maintenanceA vacuum that does its work independently is a serious time-saver, but you might worry that you’ll lose some of that saved time in keeping the machine working and happy. Don’t worry, though – the Roborock is designed so that all of themain brush, mop mount, water tank and dustbin are quick-release, ensuring that any maintenance can be done quickly and easily.If all of these innovations sound like they could help you to enjoy a more relaxed Spring this year, you can order the Roborock S5 Max right here to automate away some of your stress.

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