Easy read time teacher alarm clock

easy read alarm clock

Perhaps in your life, you need an alarm clock that is easy to check the time. A good alarm clock will bring you a different life, it is easy to read, can let you get time quickly, and can save time to do more things.

1.Alarm Clock Radio

It has a time projection with adjustable viewing angle, and 5 different natural sounds for falling asleep or waking up. Even if the power is off, the backup battery can save time. Enter the radio via a programmable sleep timer. The enhanced clock radio with USB connection function can charge smart phones. Can automatically adjust the daylight saving time.


Time Projection: This radio receiver projects the time onto the wall or ceiling. With adjustable projection angle and focus control, get the time image exactly where you would like it and always sharp for perfect viewing.
Digital Tuner: ditch manual tuning. With the digital tuner, you’ll easily find your favorite radio stations and quickly access 10 of them as presets (FM: 5, and AM: 5).
Phone charger: Enhanced radio receiver featuring a USB connection that charges your smartphone. Never run out of battery!
Advanced alarm features: radio receiver with two different alarm settings. Wakes you up gently with the radio or sounds of nature. Progressive buzzer volume and extendible snooze functions also are available.
Stylish design: Elegant style with mirror-finished display. Definitely fits into your bedroom interior design.

2.Sharp SPC127A Quartz Analog Alarm Clock

sharp quartz analog alarm clock

SHARP Analog timepiece with Easy to ascertain Indicator is that the perfect easy to use clock. Battery operated by 1 x AA Battery (not included). Easy to read dial is ideal for bedroom, office, kitchen, den, anywhere you would like a simple to ascertain clock!

The Sharp analog timepiece is straightforward to ascertain across an area and is that the perfect simple clock. Easy to read dial and straightforward to ascertain alarm indicator is that the perfect clock for a bedside timepiece . Runs on one AA battery, allows this clock to be placed anywhere you would like an easy , easy to read and use clock.All controls are on the rear of the clock and are easy to work . Set the alarm and therefore the time easily and easily . Perfect for boys, girls kids who are learning to inform time. the straightforward to read clock are often used anywhere a clock is required .

The Sharp will fit perfectly on a bedside table for a bedroom clock, within the bathroom , kitchen , office, den , kids room, nursery – ANYPLACE you would like a clock. it’s battery powered, so it are often placed anywhere!

3.EasyRead time teacher ERAC-COL-PT Alarm Clock

Easy Read Time Teacher children’s electronic timepiece with night light, 12 cm diameter. Ideal for youngsters age 5+.Designed to assist children learn to inform the time. furnished with an easy step-by-step pedagogics , according to other Easy Read Time Teacher clocks and wrist watches.Crescendo alarm, which starts with a mild beep and gets progressively more urgent until it’s turned off. Snooze button disables the alarm for five minutes before it starts again.Built-in light sensor controls brightness of clock dial , which glows gently within the dark. Pressing the Snooze button makes the clock dial glow brighter, strong enough to ascertain items on the bedside table.Sweep mechanism so there’s no annoying ticking. Ideal for a bedside clock. Battery operated – takes 3 AA batteries.

The non-ticking mechanism makes it ideal for children’s bedrooms and allows an honest night’s sleep.A built-in sensor measures ambient light. As darkness develops it automatically illuminates the dial with a mild reassuring glow that stays on all night then switches off at dawn. Press the snooze button at any time and therefore the dial will glow even brighter.The clock features a crescendo alarm starting with a mild beep which becomes louder until it’s turned off. Pressing the snooze button allows for an additional 5 minutes sleep before the alarm starts again. a mild thanks to start the day.

4.Bedside Alarm Clock for Kids

Colourful football shape timepiece design for teenagers and soccer fan. It also will attract children’s interest of learning time. Ideal for decorating your bedrooms, children room, office, shelf. Best gift for teenagers , friends and family.Silent smooth sweeping quartz movement and sturdy environmental plastic clock case. Provide you an honest sleep and clam working enviroment. Ideal for your bedroom bedside and office. Item Dimensions: 3.54in *3.54in *3.94in. Diameter of the clock face: 2.56in.

Press the upper button of soccer timepiece and lightweight up with warm traffic light . The soft light brightness won’t hurt your eyes but allow you read time clearly in dark.Gradually enhanced alarm which may be a good chooise for heavy sleepers. Snooze function will ring every 5 minutes until you switch off the ALARM button on the side. Top button can pause the alarm for a short time .Portable small timepiece battery powered. Colourful timepiece wake you abreast of time and add travel fun.

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