Echo Show prices slashed by up to 50 per cent – get Alexa Calling on the cheap

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Amazon has slashed prices on its Echo Show models, meaning you can keep in touch with with friends and family really easily via Alexa Calling, while saving some big money on the hardware.The tiny-but-brilliant Show 5 smart display will set you back just £49.99 on Amazon UK. That’s a saving of £30 on the usual price of £79.99 or a 40 per cent discount.squirrel_widget_148875The Amazon Echo Show 5 is a smaller version of the original Echo Show smart assistant with a screen. As such there’s full Alexa support, so it has the full range of functions, but without taking up so much space. It’s ideal for a desk or small table.Amazon has also dropped the price of the Echo Show 8, slightly larger, and with better sound quality. Again, you still have all the functionality of Alexa, so this will answer questions, control your smart home and play you music, as well as offering Alexa Calling.Amazon has dropped the price by £60 – that’s a 50 per cent saving – on the Echo Show 8.squirrel_widget_167746You can also video call over Skype or listen to Spotify, Amazon Music, TuneIn Radio and Apple Music and a whole lot more.If you want to go for the biggest Echo Show model, the top version has a 10-inch display. This obviously gives you a lot more space to see what’s happening on the screen, so it might be better for video calling – and it also has better speakers than the other two devices.squirrel_widget_145809The 2018 Echo Show has been reduced by £30, which is a 14 per cent saving – obviously not as big a saving as the two smaller models that Amazon offers.We have no idea how long these sales will last for, so now is a prime time to snap one (or two) up.

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