EDF Energy, Netatmo and Philippe Starck bring French ooh-la-la to smart thermostats

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EDF Energy has announced that it will makeHeatsmart – a Netatmo-made, Philippe Starck-designed smart thermostat – available for £199 in the UK.

So, Heatsmart is made by Netatmo – French – designed by everyone’s favourite eccentric French CAD-wrangler Philippe Starck, and is being pushed in the UK by EDF Energy, a subsidiary of… Électricité de France. Ah… Bof!

Imagine the joys of informing certain residents of the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham that not only is their gas and electricity supplied by the French, but their fancy-pants smart thermostat was designed by a Frenchman too.

But never mind them, the rest of us can enjoy EDF’s new Heatsmart thermostat, which can be monitored and controlled remotely via a connected app, Nest-style. Hence, you can switch your heating on and off at your leisure when you’re away, which is useful in all sorts of situations.

The Heatsmart has a brain of its own, too. Aside from setting your own timings, the Auto-Adapt function will adjust your heating timings if you want it to, depending on how impressive it thinks your insulation is. When things get really chilly in the winter, Frost-Guard mode will keep the cold from damaging your heating, and Heatsmart will adjust for the outside temperature too. It’ll even go into hibernate mode if you evacuate the country for somewhere beachier.

Heatsmart is available for all, at a price of £199 including installation- that’s for both EDF punters and those of other energy suppliers. Hein? Just check out the EDF website for more details, monsieur.

And now, our favourite Starck quotes:

“The heart of the subject is life, and we need to surround it with the less possible. I built a simple shelf, in which elements are flexible to adapt to the different rhythms of life.” – Starck, talking about an inflatable building.

“I wanted the bike to be able to go over all kinds of terrains and especially infinite and poetic territories.” – And also tarmac. Starck, talking about bikes.

“Everywhere you look, you have a surprise, and you can start your own dream, your own life. Everywhere you go, you can feel the humanity of Sam and the craziness of Starck.” – Starck, talking about his SLS Hotel in Miami.

“The Louis Ghost chair was produced by our collective subconscious and it is only the natural result of our past, our present and our future.” – Starck, talking about a chair.

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