EE follows Vodafone in enabling Alexa calling for its customers

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EE has enabled Alexa calling, meaning that pay monthly customers can make and receive mobile calls via their Alexa-enabled devices.The move includes the Amazon Echo range as well as other Alexa-enabled devices. Vodafone enabled the service in the middle of last year as an extension of its existing OneNumber offering.You can make a call by asking to call a contact from your phone’s contacts book or just by speaking the full number out loud.EE keeps up the 5G pace with 21 more locations enabledIt’s easy to set up the service if you’re an EE Pay Monthly customer as you can just do it in the Alexa app.Once set up, your phone and their Alexa device will ring simultaneously when someone calls, so you can answer on either device – it’s an excellent way to take a call when you’ve got your hands in the sink or you’re painting the feature wall.You can even take calls if your phone is off or out of service. There are other Alexa settings you can configure such as choosing which devices will ring if you have several Echos, for example. You can also turn inbound call ringing off should you not want to be disturbed.Calls made come out of your monthly allowance and out of allowance calls are charged at the standard rate.What is Amazon Alexa calling and messaging and how does it work?

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