Eero gear now supports Apple HomeKit

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Networking gear from Eero now supports Apple HomeKit.Although Amazon now owns Eero, the company is still clearly casting its net wider than the Alexa ecosystem.With HomeKit support, iOS and Mac users can add their Eero devices to the Home app and manage them from there. Youcan firewall each of your HomeKit accessories based on your own preferences and it can all be done directly from the Home app.squirrel_widget_167834As well as communicating with other devices, they can also be restricted from communicating with unauthorised devices online.You can choose from three main options – no restrictions, restrict to home or automatic.That latter option enables each device to communicate only with devices and services approved by its manufacturer.“We believe customers should have not only fast, reliable WiFi but a system they can trust that is secure and private,” said . “Weare continuing to deliver on that promise today with support for HomeKit.”We’re committed to an open, secure, and private smart home,” said Nick Weaver, Eero co-founder. “[We] firmly believe customersshould be able to use the smart home products they enjoy most, whether they work with Alexa, Amazon WiFi Simple Setup, Apple HomeKit or all of the above.”If you already have an Eero device set up, you can get started with HomeKit using the Discover tab in the iOS app. HomeKit is supportedon all eero, eero Pro, and eero Beacon devices running eeroOS 3.18.0 or later, and can be set up using the eero iOS app 3.1.0 or later.Last September Amazon announced a new Eeromesh network system, the first Eeero gear to be released since it bought the company. Naturally, it’s also Alexa-enabled.One packhas three mesh network nodes that can encompass your entire home in stable, adaptive wireless signals. You plug one device into your home modem or router in modem mode, and the Eero will handle all router requests, both wireless and wired.You can buy just one of them if you want to expand the system or have a smaller home.squirrel_widget_167762In other HomeKit news out today, French smart home company Netatmo has announced the arrival of HomeKit Secure Video on its Smart Indoor Camera.You canview videos from the Smart Indoor Camera in the Apple Home app as well as securely store them in iCloud.Apple HomeKit and Home app: What are they and how do they work?

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