Google Home Bluetooth issues acknowledged and will be fixed

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Google has acknowledged an issue that has reportedly plagued its Home speakers for more than a year.If a user wants to stream music to a Google Home speaker via Bluetooth, it allegedly cuts out and disconnects at a point between two and 15 minutes. The user then has to force the connection again manually.Now, most Google Home owners will likely never encounter the issue as they would use the smart functionality to play music instead – indeed, we’ve only just learned of the problem ourselves. However, if you did want to use a Home or Home Mini as a Bluetooth speaker, you’d be disappointed that it doesn’t work with such a basic and important feature.Thankfully, Google has finally accepted that there is a problem and is working on a fix.Best Google Assistant speakers 2020: Top Google Home alternativesAccording to a response on its support forums, it is now seeking to address Bluetooth connectivity faults: “Our team is aware of this issue and are currently investigating for a fix. The team isaware of the issue and working on finding a solution,” it says.”In the meantime, please continue to send feedback via voice command by saying ‘Hey Google, send feedback’,and use the keywords ‘GHT3 Bluetooth IN keeps on disconnect’.”Yes, the response was posted more than a year after the initial enquiry (no, really) but at least Google Home owners might get some kind of resolution at last.

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