Google Pixel 4: Prices leak for Pixel 4 XL and Nest Mini

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Surely nothing else can leak between now and 3pm (BST), when the Made By Google event will formally unveil the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL to the world? Apparently it can, as US prices have slipped out for the Pixel 4 XL and the Nest Mini, Google’s retooled version of its Amazon Echo-challenging Home Mini smart speaker.

According to an anonymous employee at Best Buy speaking to 9to5Google, The Pixel 4 XL will retail in the US at $999 for the sim-free 64GB version. For comparison, the 64GB model of the iPhone 11 is currently priced at $699.

The rumoured price for the Pixel 4 XL is more expensive, to the tune of $100, than the Pixel 3 XL could be snapped up for on launch day. There’s no word from the Best Buy employee on the smaller Pixel 4, which could be priced more competitively to level the playing field with Apple, but it looks like the latest round of Pixels are set to be a couple of expensive bits of kit.

The whistleblower also provided another pricing tidbit: Google’s new Nest Mini smart speaker is allegedly set to retail at $49. 9to5Google also provides a better look at the speaker, with a very similar design to the existing Home Mini, upgraded Bluetooth capabilities and a move away from micro-USB connectors in favour of a new round power cord.

Whether the leaks are accurate remains to be seen, but you won’t have long to wait to find out: all is set to be revealed later today. Make sure you’re on at 2pm to watch the big Made By Google event live. 

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