Hot Alarm Clock-Use Your PC to Wake You Up

hot alarm clock

As the name suggests, Hot Alarm Clock is an alarm clock application – set an alarm and therefore the application, at the time you specify, will perform the actions you found out . But the straightforward truth of the matter is that the functionality Hot alarm clock provides goes beyond that. It also covers the following: timers, clocks, stopwatches, to-do lists, birthdays, and calendar.

hot alarm clock

Turn your PC into a strong alarm clock! awaken to your favorite music or tune to an online station of your choice, use fixed or increasing volume alarms, and obtain your computer ready by launching programs and opening internet sites on wakeup. Hot alarm clock offers an infinite number of adjustable alarms, offering one-time wakeup calls and multiple complex alarms to wake you abreast of different days of weeks or calendar dates.

Multifunctional display

hot alarm clock

Hot alarm clock offers multiple clocks to display the time in several time zones. Multiple birthday reminders are available to offer you advance notice on all of your friends’ birthdays or congratulate your relations with their favorite tunes.

Supporting MP3/WAV/OGG/AIFF formats, Hot alarm clock can wake you up to your favorite song or tune to a live Internet station of your choice. Increasing volume alerts will gradually raise sound volume to wake you up smoothly.

A comprehensive software solution designed as a desktop alarm clock which will also activate your PC or remind you of your daily tasks

Hot alarm clock may be a professional desktop enhancement utility whose purpose is to assist you manage multiple alarm clocks, found out reminders, and place an analog clock in your screen.

Straightforward looks

hot alarm clock

Although it comes full of many dedicated parameters, you’re welcomed by a clean feature lineup where most of the operations are often administered with minimal effort. On the left side of the panel, the tool allows you to access several time management utilities, like Alarms, Timers, Clocks, Stopwatches, To-Do List, Birthdays, and Calendar.

Main features

When it involves setting a replacement alarm, you’re allowed to specify the name, color, and icon, pick the time occurrence (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly), show message, awaken computer from a sleep mode, activate the monitor power, and run several actions, like run program, open URL, send email, lock or pack up the pc , end process, restart, or other operations.

Additionally, you’ll assign audio files (audio file or playlist, Internet radio, or text-to-speech mode), alter the quantity , apply fading in/out options, specify the song duration, and repeat the alarm until it’s closed. Plus, you’ll display an analog or digital countdown timer and customize its text in terms of title, layout, skin, font, and transparency.

hot alarm clock

Other notable characteristics worth being mentioned are represented by the likelihood to use timers, found out the zone for your clock, enable the stopwatch and switch on the metronome, generate a to-do list, keep track of your friends’ birthdays with reminders and countdown timers, also as print information.

Last but not least, you’ll change the looks of the program by selecting from different themes, run the tool at Windows startup, and backup the knowledge to a file.

An overall efficient time management app

All in all, Hot alarm clock proves to be a reliable utility that gives support for an honest suite of features for helping you found out customizable reminders and other handy time management tools.

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