Huawei Watch GT 2 revealed in leaked photos

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Huawei is about to launch a second generation of its stylish and long-lasting Watch GT. It was the company’s first foray into its own wearable operating system, and the Watch GT 2 will continue that ethos.The Watch GT 2 initially broke cover as a collection of official-looking 3D renders that leaked a little while back, with Huawei simultaneously confirming on Twitter that the watch is definitely on its way.From the front, it looks very similar to the existing Huawei Watch GT, albeit with a seemingly slimmer bezel around the screen.SlashleaksIt’s only when you look at the case away from the strap that you notice just how different the shape is between the first generation and this second one.In these leaks – originally posted to SlashLeaks – the GT 2 is clearly much rounder than its predecessor. The first Huawei Watch GT had something of a squished rounded rectangle vibe from the underside, while the second gen model is pure circle.From the front, the difference isn’t as noticeable, since they both have the completely round bezel around the screen.Look at the underside, we also see that it appears to have the same heart rate sensor built in for activity tracking and exercise data.As mentioned at the beginning, Watch GT was Huawei’s move into its own wearable platform, moving away from Google’s Wear OS, and this brought with it both significant benefits and negatives.On the positive side, Huawei is able to offer up to 30 days of battery life from the watch, which is quite frankly staggering in a smartwatch.On the downside, it achieves this predominantly by having limited smart features and a screen with low refresh rate that’s switched off most of the time, only active when you lift your wrist.Still, they’re good looking, and offer a surprising amount of in-depth data for running and other exercise.We’re not sure when the Watch GT 2 will launch, but it would make sense to launch alongside the Huawei Mate 30 at the press event in Munich. This takes place very soon, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

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