iOS 14 points to more advanced cursor support and new iPad keyboards

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Code uncovered from within iOS 14 – a so far unreleased software – hints that Apple is working on more advanced cursor support for iPads, blurring the lines further between iOS and MacOS.According to the report revealing these new developments, one of the new features will be the auto-disappearing nature of the cursor.The theory being that once the connected mouse has been motionless/untouched for a specified amount of time, the cursor on the display vanishes. Once the mouse is moved, the cursor reappears on screen.Apple iPadOS: Features exploredIt’s something of a standard feature in the Mac’s operating system, but hasn’t yet been implemented on iPad OS.The other feature which seems like it should be a default option is the ability for the cursor to change shape. Specifically, between an arrow pointer and a hand pointer when hovering over a web link. Or at least, that’s the example given in the original report.This same report also states that iOS 14 could even support more advanced mouse/trackpad gestures, like the ability to use two fingers to replicate a right click on a mouse.The code was discovered by 9to5Mac, whose article also hints at new Smart Keyboard models coming down the line.Best iPad Pro keyboards 2020Because this code is found alongside the appearance of evidence for the new Smart Keyboards, it’s suggested that it’s further evidence that Apple is going to release a keyboard attachment with a trackpad.No drawings or images were found to indicate what the keyboard accessories look like, but the natural assumption is that they’d look similar to most other 2-in-1 keyboard attachments, with a trackpad placed below the rows of keys.Of course, as with anything Apple, the company itself hasn’t said anything about these new accessories or features. But the company is expected to launch new iPads relatively soon.Its Spring launch has turned into something of a tradition in recent years, often with a focus on iPads and education. If Apple is going to release new iPads soon, it would also make sense to launch new accessories.

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