iPads are getting trackpad support with iPadOS 13.4

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Apple has announced that in its next version of iPadOS software iPads will get trackpad support, bridging the gap further between its tablets and traditional laptops.With iPadOS 13.4, Apple will enable a new feature that allows you to connect external wireless trackpads. Or, if you have an iPad Pro, the new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro which has a built-in trackpad.This new feature for iPads will enable users to be more precise when it comes to editing text documents and spreadsheets, and so on, without requiring them to use their fingers or a Pencil on the touchscreen.The trackpad cursor shows up on screen as a floating circle on the display, and can then be used to highlight and select various elements within the user interface; whether that be apps, text or other items.AppleYou’ll also be able to use the trackpad gestures to switch quickly between apps, or accessing the Dock or Control Centre, as well as getting to the multi-tasking Slide Over feature.Of course, you’ll also be able to use the trackpad for scrolling, as you would with any trackpad-equipped laptop, and most apps will support a lot of these functions by default.As is often the case with Apple, when new features come to its operating systems, those new features are also enabled in the core Apple-made apps too. That means the iWork suite of apps will all be updated to take advantage of all the trackpad capabilities.Perhaps the best news is that this feature isn’t limited to just iPad Pro users. Most iPads from the past few years will support the trackpad functionality when they get the software update.Apple says any iPad Pro will support it, as well as any iPad Air from iPad Air 2 onwards, plus the iPad (from 5th gen onwards) and an iPad mini from iPad mini 4 and later.iPadOS 13.4 will be made available as a free software update to download on 24 March.

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