iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Galaxy S20 Ultra Drop Test!

This year’s Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has a special stacking material, which is the first time that Corning Gorilla 6th generation glass is applied to both the front and back of a mobile phone. Undoubtedly, this will greatly improve the ruggedness of the mobile phone and make it more resistant to scratches and drops.

Drop test

A few days ago, Up’s main PhoneBuff found the iPhone 11 Pro Max at the same level for a drop test. We must know that when Apple last year this product emphasized that they applied the dual ion-exchange process on the back, which is by far the most rugged iPhone.

However, I never expected that in the first round, the back of the meter fell down to the stone ground. After the S20 Ultra landed, it turned and turned 180 degrees, but there were only a few marks on the edge of the camera module and the four corners of the phone. The back of the iPhone 11 Pro Max was directly broken. Into a big face.

The corner of the second round 1-meter mobile phone dropped. Although both were damaged, the iPhone with a stainless steel frame was stronger.

The third round turned face down, and the S20 Ultra turned again immediately after landing. As a result, the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s front display area was significantly chipped, and the S20 Ultra was only chipped at the edges. At this time, the touch functions of both phones were normal.

Seeing this, Samsung seems to be better. However, PB finally added a frontal drop test and found that a component of the camera could not work after the Pro Max dropped to the tenth consecutive time. For the first time with the S20 Ultra, the screen fingerprint hanged and the second round of touch failed.

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