It helps you stop sleeping in the morning

Scrolling Alarm clock

After years of using my smartphone to wake up, there were a few growing pains when I started using Clocky. The first night, I set the alarm for p.m. instead of a.m. and ended up getting an extra 30 minutes of sleep. Whoops!


The rest of the week, however, it was smooth sailing. The sound of the alarm is jarring and when it rolled off my bedside table I was startled awake every single time. It sounds scary, but that’s kind of the point! The jolt of being dragged from slumber to race around after a clock basically guaranteed that I wouldn’t be spending the rest of my morning lounging in bed trying to get a few extra z’s.

disable scrolling

The clock also includes a setting that allows users to disable the wheels with the click of a button, so you can still enjoy using it even if you’re not up for an early morning jog every day.

Snooze function

Clocky does come with a snooze function that can be programmed to ring again between one and nine minutes after the first alarm, but I found the other qualities of the clock were so effective that I didn’t need to use it. It turns out breaking that snooze habit could also leave you feeling less groggy in the morning according to some experts. Even though I only tried it out for a few days, I definitely reaped the benefits!

If you or the sleepy teenager in your life could use an alarm clock like this, you can buy Clocky through the link below.

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