Logitech's new Combo Touch iPad case will bring trackpads to non-Pro models

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Apple’s Magic Keyboard for the new iPad Pro models looks like a supremely impressive bit of kit, letting your new iPad effectively turn into a borderline laptop, now that iPadOS is gaining trackpad support.The major downside to the new keyboard attachment is a common one for new technology from Apple – it’s really, really expensive, at$/£299 for the 11-inch model and $/£349 for the 12.9-inch model. That’s a fair old chunk of change for a keyboard, plus the attachments will only work with the most recent iPad Pro alongside the new versions.Which Apple iPad is best for you? iPad mini vs iPad vs iPad Air vs iPad ProThat means if you have an older iPad you might have been out of luck, were it not for Logitech stepping in. It’s announced a new keyboard and trackpad attachment, the Combo Touch, and priced it aggressively at $149. Most importantly, it’s not aimed at the new iPad Pro models, but rather will work with the 2019 iPad, 2019 iPad Air and 2017 iPad Pro.LogitechThese are all getting trackpad support too, but don’t have the connectors that Apple’s using for the Magic Keyboard, so will very much be in want of a nice keyboard accessory with a trackpad built in.The Combo Touch boasts many of the modcons that the Magic Keyboard brings, including backlit keys and a row of shortcut keys that should have it feeling pretty close to a keyboard on your Macbook.Aside from that, it also looks like a fairly hardy case, with a textured finish on the outside, and you’ll be able to easily snap off the keyboard section should you just want to use the iPad as a tablet for any amount of time. The Combo Touch will be available from May, and looks like it could be a great option for those with older (or simply less Pro) iPads that still fancy a bit of trackpad action.

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