Mega Fire TV deals: Amazon discounts Fire TV gear by up to 50%


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The Fire TV Stick and Cube are a great way to add smart features to your TV, and now you can get one for a bargain price thanks to discounts on Amazon. We don’t know if these sales are because it’s nearly Easter or because so many people are now stuck at home and wanting access to entertainment – but there are some bargains to be had.The Fire TV Stick is a small dongle you plug into a spare HDMI port on your set and give access to Amazon’s entire streaming video line-up. There’s a Full HD and a 4K version. Both have Alexa remotes and both have big discounts.The Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the cheapest ways to get the latest shows and skills on your TV. It will give you Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ and a whole lot more. This version only supports 1080p quality, however. There’s a huge £20 saving, so that’s 50 per cent off the normal price.squirrel_widget_140302For those looking for better quality, then the Fire Stick TV 4K is going to be the model for you. This has all the skills of the regular TV Stick, but supports 4K UHD resolutions, with support for Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and other HDR formats – as well as Dolby Atmos too if you have a sound system to support it.The Amazon Fire Stick 4K has a £20 saving, that’s 40 per cent.squirrel_widget_146520If you want to make things more advanced, then there’s the Fire TV Cube. This takes things in a slightly different direction, supporting all those TV functions, but also integrating Alexa voice control in the Cube itself. That means you can talk to it, not only for TV control, but to turn on the lights or whatever else you ask Alexa for.It also offers control over other devices, like your set-top box and TV. There’s a £30 discount, some 27 per cent saving on the Amazon Fire TV Cube.squirrel_widget_166802Amazon Fire TV stick reviewAmazon Fire TV stick 4K reviewAmazon Fire TV cube review

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