Microsoft developed liquid-filled hinges for foldable Surface devices


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Microsoft’s dual-screen device ambitions have been revealed in a new patent, first noticed by WindowsUnited.The company, which will reportedly unveil a dual-screen Surface device at a hardware event next month, appears to be developing a hinge that uses liquid to reduce the stress on flexible and foldable displays. The liquid fills gaps around the flexible display to help it move around.Microsoft October event announced: Is a dual-screen Surface device coming?Microsoft’s patent provides an example of such a device with two sides and a flexible OLED display. Illustrations also show the hinge’s complexity. Perhaps most interestingly, however, the patent was filed by “Microsoft technology licensing,” which suggests Microsoft may license it to partners.1/2Patent ScopeKeep in mind Microsoft is currently working with several OEMs, and some of them will reportedly launch new dual-screen devices running Windows Lite in the next year. These will be different from Microsoft’s Surface-branded dual-screen device, codenamed Centaurus, which will supposedly serve as a flagship and will kick off a wave of dual-screen and foldable tablet/laptop hybrids from partners.Microsoft hints at new Surface device experiences in latest event teaseIt’s all very exciting, and this new patent makes us wish Microsoft’s October event will hurry up and get here. For more about the event, including what we expect and how to watch, check out our guide here.

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