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modern bedside clocks

However, the foremost important factor for selecting an alarm clock is performance. Sleepers require a clock which will reliably wake them up each morning. the simplest alarm clocks also accompany customizable volume and snooze options to accommodate sleepers with different needs and preferences. And while high-tech alarms tend to cost quite minimalist models, the bulk of alarm clocks sold today are often purchased for fewer than $130.

Read on to find out more about the way to choose the proper alarm clock for you, also as our picks for the simplest alarm clocks sold today. Our choices are supported verified customer and owner experiences, also as intensive marketing research and analysis.

1.Circa Alarm Clock

The Circa alarm clock combines the features of a sleep-tracking app, an ambient sound machine, and a Bluetooth speaker in one. Yet, it are often found out and controlled without a phone. It also has no microphones or tracking so your privacy is protected. Calm yourself before roll in the hay Circa’s Breathing Assistant; awaken at just the proper moment in your sleep cycle with the assistance of Circa’s mattress sensor. Use its integrations for Spotify and digital radio to further customize your sleep and wake routine. This minimalist design comes in three colors, and has an ambient light sensor that dims the sunshine in the dark to assist you rest.

circa alarm clock

2.Flip Click Clock

This handsome clock combines minimalist, modern design with the heat of natural wood. Its simple rectangular form is out there in five wood stain colors. Laser-engraved controls are activated with a light-weight touch, and flipping over the clock turns off the alarm. Sound-activated technology means the display turns off when the space is quiet, and activates with a clap or the snap of a finger. Setup is straightforward with a light-weight touch on the controls. If you’re trying to find a clock that features a distinctly low-tech appearance, this unique alarm clock is that the perfect solution.

flip click clock

3.Tom Unique Alarm Clock

This snazzy little clock combines a clean, minimalist design with mid-century terrazzo in pink. The classic analog style features a plain clock dial accented by a sweeping second user in red. Its chunky shape gives this unique alarm clock many personality – it’s also available in bamboo, concrete or cork.

tom unique alarm clock

4.Block Alarm Clock

This stylish design features a functional clock dial enclosed during a handsome chrome steel body. The white clock dial has easy-to-read black lines and rectangular black hands. Luminous tips and a dial light provide soft illumination in the dark . Simple and understated, this unique alarm clock also features a snooze function.

block alarm clock

5.Moon Beam Clock

Introduced in 1952, this customer favorite combines vintage style and modern features. The mid-century design features a fully lighted dial, bell tone alarm, backlight and snooze function. With plug-in power and a backup battery, this remake includes a built-in USB port for charging your devices. Plus, it comes in four retro-cool colors.

moon beam clock

6.Numbers LED Clock

A distinctly modern design by Jonas Damon, this clock features four separate blocks connected by cords; each block displays just one digit. The all-black plastic blocks are often set during a row, or stacked to rearrange the time as you’d like. This industrial-style alarm clock has an eco-friendly LED display, black cords and a wall socket . However, you won’t be hitting the snooze button – because this minimalist clock doesn’t have one.

7.Modern Dome Alarm Clock

The round face and pedestal design of this alarm clock provides it a retro look that’s perfect for the bedroom or desktop. The matte finish in deep Petrol Blue silicone may be a distinctly modern touch. With a practical digital beep alarm and a virtually silent ‘no tick’ movement, this clock’s design may be a stylish, unique alarm clock with vintage flair.

modern dome alarm clock

8.BC02X Classic Travel Alarm Clock

An iconic travel companion since the 1980’s, this Dietrich Lubs design could also be the right small alarm clock . Only 2.25″ across, it features a clock-face that’s simple and straightforward to read, a sweeping yellow second user , and one button to regulate the sunshine and snooze alarm. during a recent update, this unique alarm clock gained an improved quiet-tick movement and luminous recommendations on the hour and minute hands.

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